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Your Readers Will Ignore Your Post

Many online readers are in constant search for current, relevant and high value content, any thing short of that your readers will ignore your post.

Some readers are driven by the need to find a solution for one problem or other.

This is where search engines such as Google and Bing come into the picture.

Readers employ these search engines in their quest to find relevant information that address a particular need or challenge they may be faced with.

They will ignore huge volumes of otherwise good content to go for that content which will help resolve one problem or the other.

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Every blogger ought to be mindful of this reality.



On the heels of my introductory comments, it stands to reason that if you consistently create content that addresses the needs and problems of your target audience, your content will be sought after by readers.

As readers conduct Google searches for content that helps resolve their challenges, your content will be found, more so when it is optimized for search engines.

The more your content shows up in search engines, the more traffic is generated for your site with the potential for increasing revenue generation.

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Your target audience will only consume your content if they find it useful.

It stands to reason that you prioritize creating content that is not only well researched and well written but one that addresses the problems of your target audience.

You aren`t in the business of creating content for yourself; your audience should remain your focus.

It is only when your readers get the sense that you are helping them solve a problem, they will stay longer on your site and visit your site more often.

They will be more predisposed to sharing your content with their circle of friends / contacts and recommending your site to others.

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Who will visit your site if the content you continually churn out has no bearing whatsoever on their lives and needs?

You may put in so much time and effort into crafting good content but as long as you aren`t ‘speaking’ to the needs and problems of your target audience, your blog and its content will remain in obscurity.

That is certainly not what you want to see happen as a blogger.

When all is said and done, it is in your best interest to consistently and without delay craft content that solves the problems of your target audience.

Your survival and thriving as a blogger cannot be divorced from solving the problems your of target audience.

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