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Your Readers Love To Read This Post

Your readers love to read this post that is of value to them and meets their searching needs.

That is why every single member of your target audience should matter to you, for they are the reason why you are still in business.

Your business exists not merely for your profit but to provide solutions to the identifiable needs of your target audience.

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A member of your audience is representative of the entirety of your target audience or at least a segment of your target audience.

As such, if your content pleases and resonates with a member of your target audience, it is a good indicator that the same will be loved by other members of your target audience.

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It is on this premise that you should continually strive to please that individual for whom you create content.

Craft content with your audience in mind. Speak to an audience of one, as it were.

Your content should be crafted as though you are communicating to that single individual consuming your content.

Address your reader directly. Use the word ‘you’. And by all means, identify that particular need (or interest) and proffer a workable and down to earth solution through your blog post.

Write in a conversational tone. Keep your sentences short; avoid writing in long winding sentences.

Avoid communicating in abstract terms. Your content should be practical and applicable to real life situations. It should be relevant to your readers.

Use real life examples and where applicable, personal real life examples. Your reader should get the impression you are speaking to him or her personally and are speaking his language.

Corey Wainwright aptly advised, “Use words to paint a picture that tells your reader this piece of content was written just for them.” This way, you get your reader hooked to your every blog post.

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Intersperse your written content (text) with relevant and complementary images, videos, audios, diagrams or infographics where appropriate.

This makes reading easier and quite interesting. It also caters for the reader who might have a preference for consuming content that includes images, videos and the likes.

Such variety gets the attention of your readers.  Don`t over do it though.

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