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Your Readers Can’t Resist This Post

Some days gone you were not getting people to read you post? But today your readers can’t resist this post type I am about to show you here.

Bloggers are not merely in the business of creating content but in the business of creating content for their target audiences.

Blogging becomes irrelevant where there is no audience.

It therefore stands to reason that successful bloggers create content with their target audience in mind.

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Readers will simply ignore your messages once they know it does not resonate with them, as in meeting a need or addressing an issue dear to their hearts.

Why will readers waste time on content that they can`t relate to or have no interest in? It is thus crucial that you consistently adjust your messages to suit your audience.

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When your message ‘rings a bell’, you will have ‘their ears.’ What good will be served teenagers if the messages you target them with are about good parenting?

Your target audience who are young ladies may find your messages about aging repugnant.

They will prefer that the messages you target them with are applicable to them.



It will be an anomaly if all you do as a blogger is create content for yourself. And you certainly will be shooting yourself on the foot if you go towards this tangent. Your target audience is the reason for which you produce content.

You are in the business of reaching your audience with content they love.

If this is really the case, it will be counter-productive to create messages without this goal in mind. Conversely, you will adjust your messages to suit your target audience since your goal is to create content for them and not for yourself.

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When you fail to adjust your messages to suit your target audience, you are in essence demonstrating a lack of concern for them; you are ignoring their needs and interests and the consequence of that is the loss of loyal readers.

You will in time loss your followers and will find it difficult attracting new followers.

This will adversely impact on traffic to your site with its rippling effect on revenue generation.

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