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Your Navigation's Can Affect Your Site

It is absolutely essential that you expend your energies towards crafting great content that resonates with readers.

Although this is a fundamental route to converting visitors into loyal readers,  your navigation can affect your site.

That said, the gains you may make through this route and other tactics can suffer significant losses if you fail to give attention to your site`s navigation.

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Here is what happens to your website if you have a poor navigation.



Bounce rate basically has to do with the frequency with which visitors to your site exit your site after viewing a single page rather view several pages within your site.

The reality is that if your site navigation poses some difficulties for visitors, many will not bother to check out other pages on your site.

Rather than explore your site and peradventure chance upon relevant information, they will simply exit and when they exit, the likelihood of they returning is slim, if not implausible.

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Navigation bars with precise and unambiguous categories affords visitors to your site the opportunity to easily and swiftly access relevant information on your site.

Conversely, when your site navigation is disorganized and poorly configured, accessing information delays unduly.

This is frustrating, to say the least. That visitors to your site are being driven away should not be a surprise to you.

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It is important to note that in situations where you place products on your site for sale, your site navigation should be such that potential buyers do not experience any hassles in their bid  to view and purchase such products; easy to follow directions must be at the core of your strategic site navigation.

It stands to reason that if your site navigation is configured poorly, thus making it difficult for visitors to access products and make purchases on the site.

Visitors will simply leave your site and in many instances for good, and head for the site of your niche competitors who have similar product offerings.

Do you now know that you are driving scores of visitors away from your site?

I bet you do. And it is about time you gave work on your site navigation your best short.

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