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Some Blogs Make Money, Some Blogs Don’t. Here Is Why

While it is possible to write a few blog posts and then abandon the work, the reality is that you won’t get many readers or new customers that way.

There are more reasons why some blogs don’t make money and you will get to learn more here.

Not just that, but search engines don’t favor sites that aren’t regularly updated.

This is where consistent blogging comes to play.

Blogging requires you to be consistent and committed. This means that you must produce great content and produce it often.

Consistently blogging will help increase the amount of traffic that your blog generates.

Many of the best content sites are regularly updated.

According to Science of Social Timing infographic – sites that post more frequently have a surprisingly stronger influx of visitors. So, ideally, you want to publish content at least every day.

Some will argue for providing content at least twice a week.

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The more content you publish, on a consistent basis, the better your results are going to be – especially in the long term.

Taking that into account, you must therefore accept that blogging can’t be treated as something you do rarely, but rather as something that has to be a priority.

Quality content is critical to your blogging success.

Put in the time and work required to create great content and build a successful brand.

To consistently provide quality content, you must seek to develop a better understanding of your industry.

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If you know your stuff, you’ll also do a better job at breaking down complex topics, so that your target audience can best understand new developments in your industry.

And, most of the time, you can only do that if you have in-depth knowledge on what you’re covering.

Take the time to do all of the reading, watching, listening and thinking necessary.  Then, you can discuss complex topics in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

 If you can do that, you’ll be able to provide insights that will be hard to find elsewhere and your audience will keep visiting your blog because of the value you create.

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