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What Is The Google Search Engine For

Let’s say you are a blogger, a researcher, a netpreneur, engaged in any form of online business or simply enjoy browsing the internet and just interested in getting to know what is the Google search engine for.

Well stick around with me shortly as I have a lot to share with you below on all you need to know about Google search engine and exactly what it’s for in the sections below:

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Google as a multinational technology company was founded in September 1998 by two gentlemen by name Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Google as the name that stands tall when it comes to search engines specializes in internet related services and products and it’s based in the United States of America. 

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Google has a main purpose of figuring out text in publicly accessible documents offered by web servers, as opposed to other data like database data or images.



Google specializes in four main areas of technology and that has to do with Search Engine, Online Advertising Technologies, Hardware and Software.

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There are lots of search engines out there ranging from DuckDuckGo Search Engine, Baidu Search Engine, Yandex Search Engine, Bing Search Engine etc.

Yet, Google stands up tall as the best search engine due to some few factors below:

  • Fastest Search Engine
  • Deliver Accurate Search Results


Fastest Search Engine

Google is the fastest search engine that is able to find and record more information.


Deliver Accurate Search Results

There is no search engine on the planet earth that is able to deliver accurate search results than that of Google.

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When you first publish an article on the web, what Google is interested in doing at the early stage is to send automated programs called “spiders” to your website.

These spiders that Google send to your website aim at gathering information’s from your website and send those information’s back  to Google.

This is what it means that Google has crawl your website.



As this point I believe you want to know the exact information Google is interested in when they crawl a website or let’s say your website.

When Google crawl a website, they aim at getting to gather information on the following:

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5 Reasons Why Google Want To Crawl Your Website

  • Website Title
  • Know Who You Are
  • Know What You Do
  • Google Wants To Connect You
  • Usage Data


Website Title

Google seeks to know the title you use on your website to better understand what your website is about.


Know Who You Are

The best way Google can be able to know who you are is to crawl your website to help them gather information’s that relates to you.


Know What You Do

Sure you want the whole world to hear about your website right?

This is where Google as a search engine that will help you to achieve that height will want to know exactly what you do to help you share your business or website with the world.

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Google Wants To Connect You

Now that Google knows about you and your website, Google tries to figure out who might be interested in your information or finding you to help link you up with potential customers.


Usage Data

For Google to be able to know how helpful your website is to your visitors or readers, Google rely on your website usage data to determine how helpful your website content is to your readers.



Now that you have published at article, you want it to appear on the first page of search engine like Google right.

This is where search engine ranking comes into play.

Now when someone type a word into the search engine for information, search engine scour their index for relevant content to help solve the searchers query.

This process is what is referred to as search engine ranking.

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Initially when starting out, I though ranking on first page of search engines like Google was all about using the right keywords in the right places of your post or content.

However, I later found out that to rank high on search engines is not all about keywords.

Did you know that you stand a better chance of ranking your articles or content high on search engines when you get a lot of click to your website?

 Check out what Google’s Former Chief of Search Quality, Udi Manber has to say “The ranking itself is affected by the click data. If we discover that, for a particular query, 80% of people click on #2 and only 10% click on #1, after a while we figure out probably #2 is the one people want, so we’ll switch it.”


I guess that explains it well on how to rank high on search engines.

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I believe at this point that I have shared a lot with you on how this whole thing about Google search engine works.

I have also gone further to share with you on how to take advantage of Google search engine and rank high.

By now, I believe if you are a blogger or anyone relying on search engine for your website to be well known, you should start taking advantage of these tips I have shared with you in this exact guide on What Is The Google Search Engine For.

Applying the tips in this guide is going to help you see an improvement in the number of visits to your websites.

Nice to see you come this far in having a look at my guide on What Is The Google Search Engine For.

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