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What Is Google Play Store About?

The Google Play Store is the world’s most popular app store for Android users and if you are asking yourself what is Google play store about, then I have go you covered right here.

With over 2 billion monthly active users, the Google Play Store is an open market with over 1 million apps to discover, with new apps being added every day.

You can search using filters to find the perfect app for you. Apps are organised into categories such as Top Charts, Top New Paid Apps and Top New Free Apps.

You can also find recommended apps that match your interests and usage patterns.

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What Is Google Play Store About?

Here is the exact answer to what is Google play store about.

Google Play Store (Google Play) is an online platform that makes available to users a wide variety of android applications (apps), books, movies, games, and a lot more. In October 2008, Android Market (as it was then called), was officially launched.

Its current name was adopted in 2012. Google Play is accessible in 190 countries and essentially works in partnership developers across the globe to make their apps available ad easily accessible.

Some apps on this online store require payment of a specified fee while others do not.

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How Many Apps Are There In The Google Play Store?

Google play store has the following amount of apps.

Google Play could boast of well over 3.5 million apps as at the first quarter of 2018.

This however dropped significantly to 2.5 million before the close of that year, owing to a policy change.

As at March, apps on Google Play Store had arisen to 2.8 million.  

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Does Google Play Store Contain Apps For The Android System Only?

Sure Google play store does and here is why.

Precisely so. The apps and games available for download on Google Play have been configured for use solely on Android phones.

Non-Android users are however not restricted from accessing movies, music, and books on the platform.

Does All Android Smartphones Come With Google Play Store Pre-Installed?

Not really, not all android smartphones comes like that.

Google Play is pre-installed on only Android smartphones that ship with Google Mobile Services (GMS).

A considerable number of Android smartphones fall under this category.

If your Android device is not pre-installed with Google Play, you can exercise the option of downloading Google Play online, and installing it on your Android device.

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Am I Required To Download Apps From Google Play Store If It’s Pre-Installed?

Sure, you need to do some downloading.

Admittedly, the Google Play Store is only one among several platforms on which one can opt to download Android apps.

However, If Google Play is pre-installed on your mobile device, Google recommends that you download all your preferred Android apps from the Google Play Store.

Apps on this platform undergo a vetting process of some sort, thus preventing the possible intrusion of malware.

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