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What Is Google Docs About

Google as a household name when it comes to technological inventions has come up with another helpful product to help collaborate with your team as you create amazing content called Google Docs for which I am going to telling you more on What Is Google Docs About.

Now hear me out, if you are a lover of Microsoft Word and think that is the best and only alternative around when it comes to editing of shareable documents, then hold on a second till I tell you what Google Docs is about and its amazing features it has to offer you when it comes to creating and editing shareable documents.

Stick around with me and we are going to get to know more stuff in the sections below:

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Google is a United States based multinational company that is specialized in internet related services and products. 

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Google as a company which is considered as one of the BIG FOUR technology companies in the world like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and is specialized in various internet related areas including the following:

  • Search Engine
  • Online Advertising Technologies
  • Hardware
  • Software



Google Docs as one of Google’s product is a multi functional and multi-faceted tool that is free to use, no need for software download and will help anyone to easily create and edit his or her shareable documents.



Google Docs as an amazing product from Google has many uses for which I will be sharing 5 of them with you in the sections that follows.


  • Leave A Feedback On Document
  • Revisit An Older Document
  • Offer A Good Presentation
  • Helps You To Stay Productive
  • Easily Make Your Comments


Leave A Feedback On Document

Google Docs as a multi-faceted tool is going to help you ask your team mates to update a slide or perhaps leave a feedback.

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How To Achieve That

You are going to need to highlight the section you want to discuss, right click and select Comment.

Now type in your comment into the box

Your next step is to check the box and by doing so you have assigned an action item.

Your respondent will then receive an email notification to leave a comment on the exact document.


Revisit An Older Document

Looking back to older documents are very helpful in helping you notice how contents evolve with time.

Now with the use of Google Docs you can easily be able to revisit an older document.


How To Achieve That

Go to file and click the grey text that reads “Last edit was on”.

It will open up and you will get to see a list of versions organized by date to the right of your file.

To revert to a popular version, click on “Restore this version”.


Offer A Good Presentation

When it comes to offering presentation is a unique way to carry your message or messages across to another person, Google Docs makes it very easy to achieve that.


How To Achieve That

Once you are in Google Meet, click the Present button to select the content you want to share and click “Share”.


Helps You To Stay Productive

A strong internet connection cannot always be guaranteed, however you should always be able to remain productive, Google Docs is going to help you to stay productive.

To be able to remain productive Google Docs has a feature that helps you to still keep working even when you are offline.


How To Achieve That

First, you are going to need to open up Settings and click on the gear icon in the top right of your screen in Drive.

Your next step is to check the box next to Offline.

Then right click on what you want to work on offline and select “Available offline

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Easily Make Your Comments

Even without having office installed, you can still easily make your comments with Google Docs.


How To Achieve That

In Google Drive, double click your office file to open a preview of the file.

At the top, click on Open in Google Docs, Sheet or Slide.

By doing so, you will be able to edit, share and collaborate.



Alright, so those are all what you will have to know about Google Docs for which I have shared everything with you.

Give Google Docs a try today and see the amazing things this exact Google feature can do for you.

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