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What Is Facebook About And How Useful Is It

All over the world people are using Facebook for various purposes which includes connecting with families and friends, advertisement and many more, but only few people know exactly what Facebook is for.

Now you are asking “what is facebook about and how useful is it”, let me throw more light on what Facebook is about and how useful it is.

Facebook being a product from the hand works of Mark Zuckerberg, has come to make the world a better and comfortable place for you and I to be able to get connected around the globe.

Stick around with me and I will tell you more in the sections that follows:

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For those who do not know who the founder of Facebook is, the founder of Facebook is called Mark Zuckerberg.

History has it that, this young man took a decision to drop out of school and concentrate on his newly found passion which is now Facebook.

Facebook has grown to be the thing of the world.

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Mark Zuckerberg was born by Mr. Edward Zuckerberg and Karen Zuckerberg on 14 May, 1984 in White Plains, New York.

Mark Zuckerberg family is a comfortable family as his father Mr. Edward Zuckerberg rans a dental practice attached to the family house and his mother Karen Zuckerberg worked as a psychiatrist.

Mark Zuckerberg interest in computers was recognized at the early age of 12 years.

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Mark Zuckerberg enrolled into Harvard University after graduating from Exeter.

Few time after his enrollment into Harvard University, Mark Zuckerberg found the need to drop out of school and concentrate on his newly found passion that is Facebook.

Starting off, Mark Zuckerberg built a program called CourseMatch to help students to select their classes based on course selections.

Then he came up with Facemash to compare pictures of two students to help vote on which picture was more attractive.

He then taught he could work on an idea for social networking, hence created what was then called “The Facebook Page” with the help of few friends like Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin and Dustin Moskovitz.

It was around that time that Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard University and moved his new formed company to Palo Alto, California.

He later changed his company name from The Facebook Page to Facebook, and now we have Facebook all over everywhere in the world.



Facebook as a social networking tool has a variety of uses and I am going to be touching on 3 of the major ones.

Because at the end of it all, passion does not create money: money creates passion.

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3 Major Uses Of Facebook

  • Get In Touch
  • Sharing Of Photos And Information’s
  • Get News Update


Get In Touch

Logging in onto your Facebook account to get access to friends and families near and far to help you get connected with each other.

You get the chance to get to know updates about people you know and what’s happening in their daily lives.


Sharing Of Photos And Information’s

With Facebook, you are able to share photos across the globe.

All you will have to do is to take those digital photos and upload them unto Facebook and it’s as simple as that.


Get News Update        

Facebook as a replacement for Google Reader, will help you to get news-feed about companies, blogs or websites all in one place.

This makes life very easy and comfortable especially for anyone in search of what is Facebook about and how useful is it.

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By now I know you have or can get to see the great value that you can derive from having or creating a Facebook account.

Create a Facebook account today if you already do not have one and get to enjoy a better ride with social networking.

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