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What Is Affiliate Program About

Affiliate programs have come to stay and people are earning big amount of cash right from the comfort of their homes with usually just a laptop and an internet connection.

Now, if you are asking of “What Is Affiliate Program About”, relax for I have got all the answers you need and I am super happy to share with you today.

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Affiliate Program is a way or a relationship by which a merchant pays an affiliate a commission for getting people to visit his website.

Usually, these people gets first contact with the affiliate’s website and then they are sent to the merchant’s website to make a purchase based on the affiliate’s recommendation.

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As an affiliate, you stand to earn more recurring commissions.

This is because, once your website is active and has a link that will direct people to the merchants websites, you will keep making money.

As an affiliate, yours is to join an affiliate program and promote it.

Someone else will then do the dirty job that has to do with shipping, credit card issues etc for you to earn your commission.



The merchant can potentially make lots of cash here since his or her only cost will be the cost of advertising the program, product or service.

The merchant only pays an affiliate just a fraction or a little amount of the full amount earned.



There is no point promoting an affiliate program that you cannot easily make money with.

That is why you need to be careful about the affiliate program you will choose or decide to promote for a commission.

Here Are 4 Things To Look Out For Before Joining An Affiliate Program

  • Pays On Time
  • Get Quick Response And Support
  • Offer Extra Incentive
  • Provides Banners


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Pays On Time

You want to make sure that the affiliate program you join actually pays on time and not promise and fail.

Wealthy Affiliate has never delayed my payment and they will also not delay yours, they simple pays on time.

Wealthy Affiliate has never delayed my payment


Get Quick Response And Support

You want to make sure that you get quick response and support along your journey of promoting a product, program or service as an affiliate from the merchant.

As a Wealthy Affiliate member myself, I have never struggled to get help and support promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

These guys at Wealthy Affiliate really offer quick response and support for anything you ask or request from them.

They know how to respond very quickly.


Offer Extra Incentive

You want to make sure that the affiliate program you will join offers other incentives.

Did you know that if you are able to promote Wealthy Affiliate to 300 people you get an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas, where you are going to have a private conference with the very founders of Wealthy Affiliate who are Kyle and Carson.

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Yes that is an extra incentive you will receive for promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program.


Provides Banners

You want to make sure that the affiliate program you will join provides you the affiliate with banners that you can display to get more people to join.

Wealthy Affiliate actually does well with this one too.

Infact, they offer you over 22 different kinds of quality banners you can actually use for your promotions.

Take a look at some of the banners below.

You will get more sales with this awesome banner


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Awesome Wealthy Affiliate banner



As an affiliate I guess your major aim is to be able to make lots of cash from the product, program or service you are promoting and that you do not want to settle for little commissions.

That is why you obviously need to look out for a high commission product, program or service to promote and I suggest you try out Wealthy Affiliate for their commissions are BIG.

Imagine being able to earn $23.50 for a single sale.

Glad to have made my first commission online

Can you see that, I made $23.50 for just one commission?



There are a lot of programs out there that fail or don’t even pay you your commissions on time though you have worked for it.

These programs entice you to work very hard for your commissions but when it comes to paying you they simply don’t want to pay you and may even hit you with unnecessary charges.

Wealthy Affiliate is not like that, they pay on time and I am a testimony to that.

Ever since I joined Wealthy Affiliate and started earning commissions, my payment has never delayed



Wealthy Affiliate is not only an affiliate program that you are going to be promoting to earn a commission, you are also going to be trained to earn full time passive income right from the comfort of your home.

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