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What Instagram Is About

Facebook is great for running advertisement and engaging in all forms of social networking strategies but what of Instagram?

What is Instagram about, does Instagram works the same as Facebook and can it really help you to improve on your business or brand?

Get yourself prepared to receive answers to all these and more about Instagram and how is it going to play a major role in helping your business or brand to grow as I share with you on What Instagram Is About below.

Don’t go anywhere yet, because I have got you covered in the sections that follow:

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Instagram is a social media tool that happens to be one of the fastest growing networks across the world with well over 1 billion active monthly users.

An increase in Instagram users that accounts to the fact that this exact Instagram social tool has available opportunities for you to engage with it and bring about significance improvement in your business or brand.

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The fast growth in Instagram users is due to the fact that users just like you and I are constantly browsing the web on our mobile phone devices like smart phones and iPhones and are engaging more with visual contents.

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Instagram as a social networking tool has really improved itself and the statistics below is going to tell you how


3 Statistics On Instagram

  • Daily Active Stories
  • Monthly Active Users
  • Daily Users


Daily Active Stories

Instagram sees daily active stories of 500 million users across the globe.


Monthly Active Users

Well over 1 billion people use Instagram every passing month.


Daily Users

We have 68% people visiting and using Instagram on daily bases.

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Instagram as one of my favorite social networking tool has some great uses for which differentiate it from other social media tools and also account for the significant increase in its users across the globe.

Below are 3 major uses of Instagram


3 Major Uses Of Instagram

  • Post Pictures
  • Create A Space With Tag
  • Commenting System

Post Pictures

Instagram as a visual networking tool allows you to post pictures of your business activities to attract more followers who might end up doing business with you.

You have the opportunity to show your shops, employees and a whole lot more.

By doing so, you are allowing your visitors to know the real people behind your business and are more comfortable to do business with you.


Create A Space With Tag

With Instagram, you are able to create a space of your own for contest using tags.

This allows your fans to tag their photos.

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Commenting System

This is one amazing feature of Instagram that allows you to get involved in commenting on your photos to engage more with your fans.



Alright, so there you have it and for anyone looking to find out what Instagram is about, I believe this guide is really going to do a lot of explanations to you.

I have shared with you on what is Instagram, its uses and giving you some few statistics on this amazing tool which you can easily use to bring about improvement in your business or brand as a whole.

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