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What Facebook Is About

Social networking these days has been made very easy by the help of a young man by name Mark Zuckerberg for creating an amazing networking tool called Facebook.

Guess you have heard of Facebook before don’t exactly know what Facebook is about but I am going to help you understand all that today.

Stick around with me and get to learn more on What Facebook Is About in the sections that follows:

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Facebook in simple words is an American company offering social networking services.

Facebook makes it possible for you and I to post comments, post links to news, share our photographs, chat live on the internet and get the chance to watch short forms of videos. 

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Mark Zuckerberg the creator of Facebook was born by Mr. Edward Zuckerberg and Karen Zuckerberg on 14 May, 1984 in White Plains, New York.

Mark Zuckerberg interest in computers was recognized at the early age of 12 years.

Mark Zuckerberg enrolled into Harvard University after graduating from Exeter.

Few time after his enrollment into Harvard University, Mark Zuckerberg found the need to drop out of school and concentrate on his newly found passion that is Facebook.

Starting off, Mark Zuckerberg built a program called CourseMatch to help students to select their classes based on course selections.

Then he came up with Facemash to compare pictures of two students to help vote on which picture was more attractive.

He then taught he could work on an idea for social networking, hence created what was then called “The Facebook Page” with the help of few friends like Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin and Dustin Moskovitz.

It was around that time that Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard University and moved his new formed company to Palo Alto, California.

He later changed his company name from The Facebook Page to Facebook, and now we have Facebook all over everywhere in the world.

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For anyone in search of What Facebook Is About, there are some facts about Facebook that I bet you never knew and I am going to be sharing 7 of them with you below:

  • Facebook’s domain name as a social networking site was originally acquired by Sean Parker who happens to be the co-founder of Napter which is a music sharing site
  • The first major investor backing Facebook was a gentleman by name Peter Thiel, who happens to be the co-founder of Paypal secure payment system
  • AI Pacino was the first face on Facebook
  • You will get an average of 40% engagement when you post once or twice per day on Facebook
  • It is estimated that Facebook as of the date of publishing this exact article has more than 2 million active advertisers
  • Articles or post published on Facebook on 10pm and 11pm EST gets more people to read
  • Records has it that, short forms of video are mostly shared on Facebook



Facebook as a social networking tool has a variety of uses and I am going to be touching on 3 of the major ones.

Because at the end of it all, passion does not create money: money creates passion.

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  • Get News Update
  • Get In Touch
  • Sharing Of Photos And Information’s


Get News Update           

Facebook as a replacement for Google Reader, will help you to get newsfeed about companies, blogs or websites all in one place.

This makes life very easy and comfortable especially for anyone in search of what Facebook is about.


Get In Touch

Logging in onto your Facebook account to get access to friends and families near and far to help you get connected with each other.

You get the chance to get to know updates about people you know and what’s happening in their daily lives.


Sharing Of Photos And Information’s

With Facebook, you are able to share photos across the globe.

All you will have to do is to take those digital photos and upload them unto Facebook and it’s as simple as that.

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Glad to see you come this far and I know you have found out the great values that you can derive from having or creating a Facebook account.

Get started with Facebook today and see your business grow and receive more engagements.

I appreciate you for your time in going through my guide on What Facebook Is About and guess you have learnt a lot here.

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