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What Amazon’s Affiliate Program Is All About  

Who does not want to earn extra cash, I guess everyone does and Amazon does a great job at helping affiliates to monetize their online traffic by product placements.

Alright, don’t go anywhere yet because I am going to be telling you more on what Amazon’s affiliate program is all about in the sections right below: 

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This is What Amazon’s Affiliate Program Is

Sure I will tell you what Amazon’s affiliate program is:

Amazon’s affiliate program is essentially a referral program that works with its affiliates to monetize their online traffic in exchange for Amazon product placements.

It has grown over the years to encompass well over 900,000 affiliates globally.

These affiliates include bloggers, publishers and content creators.


How Can I Qualify For Amazon’s Affiliate Program?

Here is how you can qualify to make money with Amazon

Qualifying for Amazon’s Affiliate Program is not complicated whatsoever.

You simply have to have an online platform.

This could be a blog, website or video channel. Your online platform will allow you to advert and promote Amazon products.

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How Does Amazon Affiliate Program Work?

Here is how this exact program work:

Sign up for the program. This will include an indication of your desire to create an affiliate account.

Provide the URL of your online platform and fill out other information requested by the program, including your preferred payment method, why you desire to join the program, and your tax information among others.

You become an Amazon affiliate, once you receive a welcome email, following your completion of the sign up process.

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You can now advertise your preferred Amazon products and services on your online platform.

Once a viewer of your online platform clicks on an Amazon affiliate link featured on your video channel or website and makes a purchase, you are entitled to a percentage of the sale – a commission.

Because at the end of it all, passion does not create money: money creates passion.

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How Does Amazon Affiliate Program Pay?

Here is how you are going to earn some cool cash:

As an Amazon affiliate, you will receive your commissions on a monthly basis – usually within two months from the purchase date.

Three payment options are available, notably check, direct deposit or Amazon gift cards.

The minimum threshold for both direct deposit and Amazon gift card is $10, while that for checks is a whopping $100.


Now It’s Your Turn

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