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Ways On How To Get More Traffic For Your Website

If you are a bloggers who endeavour to create compelling, engaging and high value content and looking to get more traffic for your website with the hope that such content will reach far and wide, then you are at the right place.

And indeed, there is a true sense of satisfaction when such intentions become realities.

The big question is this “how do you get more traffic for your website”.

Alright, stick around with me in the section that follows as I share with you today on Ways On How To Get More Traffic For Your Website:

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The simple trick to attract more readers to your blog or website is to respond to comments.

It is significant to note that one of the means by which the health of a website or blog is gauged is by the number and frequency of comments at the comments section of each blog post.

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That some readers are taking some time off their busy schedules to comment on your blog post suggests that they might have at least read some parts of your content that got their attention.

This is a good feedback and a great opportunity to engage with readers.

A way to gain repeat visitors, gain followers and build a loyal readership in the long run.

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Here, I am going to be exposing you to the 4 simple ways to respond to your blog comments and be able to get more traffic for your website.


4 Simple Ways To Respond To Your Blog Comments

#1 – Respond Promptly

#2 – Identify Readers By Name

#3 – Incisive Comments

#4 – Express Gratitude


#1 – Respond Promptly

Why wait for a day or two to respond to a blog comment?

It serves you better to respond promptly to comments from your readers.

This tells them that they matter and their views matter too.

They are thus motivated to keep up the habit of regularly commenting on your blog.

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#2 – Identify Readers By Name

It does a great deal of good to respond to comments from your readers by firstly, identifying them by name. People`s names are said to be the sweetest sound in their ears.

There is a relationship that is fostered when you identify people by their names. They feel valued and cherished.


#3 – Incisive Comments

Provide high value content when responding to comments by your readers.

After reading your responses to their comments, readers should get the impression that you know your stuff well enough and that they can count on you to share contents that provide viable solutions.

You should be the go-to person in your niche.


#4 – Express Gratitude

Identify and acknowledge readers who make incisive comments on your blog.

Express gratitude to them for the thoughts they share on your blog and let them feel appreciated.

These commentators more often than not will comment on some other blog posts of yours.

Better still, they become followers in time.

The combined effect of responding appropriately to comments on your blog as shown above will facilitate engagement with your readers which will in turn ensure that you gain and retain followers; this will be the necessary result.

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