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This Won’t Help You As A Blogger

This won’t help you as a blogger if you want to be successful.

Bloggers fail for a variety of reasons and in as much as the light is usually beamed on external factors such as poor content and too many adverts, the wrong blogging mindset can spell doom for your career.



Many commence blogging with the mistaken notion they will in no time amass substantial wealth. Well, they read about accomplished bloggers and somehow presume such successes were attained on a silver platter.

Such persons dive neck-deep into blogging and are soon frustrated and disappointed.

The reality is that, blogging is by no means a get rich quick scheme. High revenue generation via blogging requires a great deal of focus, hard work, creativity and persistence.

You will have to put in the time and the effort to make it work.

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Some begin blogging with an extremely low view of their capabilities. For such individuals, a little traffic to their blog is more than enough.

They try a few strategies here and there to advance their blogging career but see little to no results. Consequently they presume they are not cut out to make the kind of waves top bloggers make.

They consign themselves to blogging for a few readers and not really exerting their energies towards content promotion and other practices that can drive traffic to their site and bring in some financial inflows.

They blog only when they feel like doing so. With a defeatist mindset, they really do not approach blogging with the seriousness that should occasion the pursuit of a career.

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Some bloggers are of the mistaken and counter-productive notion that blogging will necessarily make them famous.

They hear of some accomplished bloggers and the fame that has occasioned their career.

They long for the fame and suppose blogging will definitely make them as famous as other bloggers. The reality however dawns on such bloggers after months and sometimes years of blogging and yet remaining obscure.

Motivation vapourizes into tin air and their blogging career takes a noose-dive.

There are literally thousands of bloggers who aren`t popular or famous by any stretch of the imagination.

Dislodge this mindset once and for all. Pursue blogging as a viable career and not for the fame.

Fame may become a bonus as you make giant strides in your blogging career.

Watch out for these mindsets and consistently guard against them for the sake of your career. It is to your credit.

To your blogging success!!!

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