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Write This Type Of Post And Make Sales

The best post or content that drive sales will usually be one that readers love to an extent that it gets them glued.

Now this type of article can increase your sales and make   your readers to leave comments at the comments section of your blog.

You will also get your readers to actively participate in conversations related to your content and on your social media sites while sharing same on social media platforms.

Here are a couple of tips on how to draft interactive content.

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When it comes to interactive content, there’s very little room for verbosity.

Avoid long winding sentences. Keep sentences as much as practicable to not more than 14 words. Creating interactive content compels you to scrutinize every word on the page.

An infographic, for example, would feel bloated if it contained thousands of words and readers would quickly lose interest.

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The average online user does not read articles word-by-word and would at the least usually read parts of your content when it is well formatted.

Keep readers glued to your content with stellar formatted content interspersed with relevant pictures, videos and sub-headlines.

This gives readers mental breaks which allow them to consume more of your content.

Create a table of content to afford readers the opportunity to exercise their right to choose which sections of your content to read.

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Combine images and text to create a harmonious and captivating narrative.

When drafting interactive content, visuals are just as important to your story as they are in a picture book.

Collaborate with your designer to flesh out the visual portion of your narrative in addition to your text.

Your text should complement the visuals in your piece. Avoid redundancies between text and images, as these can feel overbearing for a reader. Do not describe what’s already evident in graphics, videos, or animations.

Rather, balance them with enriching text that helps drive the reader through the piece.



Create flow in your content. Text and images should not be disjointed. Interactive content should be fluid since it includes engaging elements meant to captivate readers.

Your text and images should have a semblance of rhythm to help readers stay focused. Look for ways to add flow to your content when you are through with your first draft.



Interactive content adhere to structure. Structure sets the parameters of how readers interact with your piece. It also creates expectancy, helps guide readers through the content and aids in adding context to your story.

Choose the right structure for your content. It is usually the case that a structure is discovered in the process of developing creative concept for the piece.

However, there are instances where it may become apparent after writing the first draft that a different frame might work better for the story.

Aimed with these tips for drafting interactive content your readers love, there is no reason why you should fail in your bid to consistently create interactive content.

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