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This Is Crucial For Your Blog Success

Blogging may be done as a hobby or as a career, and for those who seek to pursue blogging as a career or blog for business purposes, professionalism is crucial for your blog success.

As a blogger you will need to think beyond having a free blog on or

You need your own professional self-hosted blog, with a domain name and hosting you are paying for. It will also inure to your benefit if you make sure you have a professional design you can use for your blog.

Why take yourself through all these trouble?

The more professional your blog appears, the more clients will be attracted to you.

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This is so because a professional blog communicates integrity and competence.

It is in reality an advertisement of a sort. It tells clients that you are serious about your business and that they can trust you to deliver on the services you purport to offer.

This may afford you the opportunity to prove your worth; to deliver on your promises.

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Conversely, your services may be top-notch and you may be professional in how you run your business and yet the mere fact that your blog does not appear professional can literally drive potential clients from as much as contacting you with the hope of offering your a contract.

Remember, your blog design is the first point of content, and a first impression lasts forever.

An illustration is given of two waiters in a restaurant, one in uniform and the other not in a uniform.

The latter gets by passed while the former seems to get all the attention.

Now the point is this, the likelihood of the one in uniform receiving a tip from customers is higher than the one without a uniform.

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This speaks of professional appearance. The uniform here represents a professionally designed blog. The design of a blog matters.

And just as the waiter in a uniform may attract a tip, so professionally designed blogs leave a good impression on visitors and so is likely to turn the one-time visitor into a subscriber or better still turn the visitor into a client.

That your blog site is professional thus becomes an asset rather than a liability.

You take it for granted at the peril of your blogging success.

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