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This Practice Will Destroy Your Blog

Blog advertisement is one of the major sources of revenue generation for many bloggers, yet this practice will destroy your blog if not done right.

They come in various shapes and sizes and when relevant advertisements are sparingly used and rightly placed, your blog can generate substantial financial gains.

This is especially the case where your blog has huge traffic.

The more traffic your blog has, the more likely some readers will get attracted to your advertisements.

There is however a downside to placing advertisements on your blog.

A refusal to take this downside into consideration can take a significant toll on traffic to your blog.

The downside becomes apparent when too much advertisement is placed on blogs.

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Some mistakenly assume that the more advertisements they place on their blogs, the more readers click on these advertisements which invariably translates into more revenue.

This practice will destroy your blog.

It is crucial that you resolve never to place too much advertisement on your blog and this is why:

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Many readers will simply ignore your blog or as it where never pay a repeat visit to your blog once they realize your blog is littered with advertisements.

This is so because; people get to your blog to access its content (s) and not advertisements.

Thus anything that distracts and makes it difficult to access such content is easily frowned upon.

Too much advertisement on blogs is seen as a nuisance and makes your blog less user friendly.

By this, you are likely to loss some loyal readers and drive away new visitors to your blog. This is certainly not what you want to see happen.

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Too much advertisement on your blog will slow down the loading of your blog.

It is a put off for many when they have to spend some more time just to wait for a blog to finish loading. A blog that loads slowly wastes the time of readers and can indeed be frustrating.

Such an advertisement-ridden blog is obviously not user friendly and it should come as no surprise should you observe less blog visits over time.

The whole point is this: too much advertisement on your blog will in time prove to be counter-productive to your blogging success; it will decrease traffic to your blog in the course of time.

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