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Your Blog Readers Will Go For This Type Of Article

Making money with a blog is about numbers and your ability to strategically use smart ways to increase your readers engagement is going to bring about increase in revenue.

Creating engaging content is so important, that 72% OF B2B content creators have made the creation of engaging content a ‘top priority.’

Valuable audience engagement is all about quality over quantity.

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Knowing the preferences of your target audience will put you in a better stead to tailor content strategies to the most appetizing form possible, increasing the potential for successful engagement.

Assessing each platform and determining where your industry is driving the most organic engagement is crucial.

You do so by reviewing key recruitment sites for an industry and gauge where they are advertising to their audiences.

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People are only going to visit your site if you have what they’re looking for.

You are either answering their question or you have an insight into something they are interested in.

It’s critical to do your due diligence on the current landscape of your industry and find the gaps that you believe you can fill with valuable content and insight.

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Knowing what events, trends or ideas will drive readers to your content will put you in a better position to time your posts effectively and get the maximum engagement out of each one.

If you’re committed to the task, commit the time – it could be the most valuable few hours you spend each week!



It is crucial that you are consistent and reliable. If you’re consistent in your delivery of valuable and insightful content, your readers will consistently return to consume it.

It is crucial that you know how often your audience would be willing to engage with you and be eager for new material.



Committing to blogging twice per week or posting a video twice per month may do you some good, but don’t forget how important sporadic engagement can be to the audiences that are in conversation everyday.

You have to be listening and responding to your audience’s spontaneous conversations and questions as often as you are trying to generate your own.

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