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A Sure Way To Achieve Success Online

Making money online can sometimes be very frustrating when you do not know exactly where to start from.

I can honestly tell you that there is a sure way to achieve success online, but first I want to help you understand how to achieve success through my personal journey back in 2017 when I started out.

This is will give you a ton of perspective on how success happened for me and how it will likely “look” like for you.

Alright, stick around with me today and let’s get into a lot more detail below:

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My Personal Journey Back In 2017

I started back in 2017 trying to make some cash online but things did not turn out quickly as I expected or as many newbies may wish.

By then my monthly income from my 9-5 day job was just hand to mouth with no other source of incoming flow of money.


Yes, I Remember That Day

I still remember that day when I read an article on the internet about Wealthy Affiliate and saw proof of how I could make money with Affiliate Marketing.

Guess what, I was scared to lose money to online scam.

But, I still took the bold step of joining Wealthy Affiliate, created my first website and here I am today earning fulltime income as an Affiliate Marketer.

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Check Out What Happened On My First Month

My first month I made a whopping $0.  I worked hard with ZERO revenue.

Did I give up?

Absolutely not.  Although I wasn’t financially successful, I had created a website.  My very own website.

That was a freakin’ accomplishment to me!

Why, because I knew I had a side business that will make me money in the days ahead.


And I Had Learned How To Write

I had also learned how to write a page of content and get it published.

These were both successes in my eyes.

I was still in the process of learning and building my foundation.


On My Second Month I Made This

So moving on, guess what I made my 2nd month?


Now you are probably saying, what the hell Francis, why didn’t you quit?

I had by now learnt a lot inside Wealthy Affiliate and knew that I have built my foundation for success and there was nothing to stop me because I was on fire to make money online.

I just had to give it time and make it work! I knew I was getting close. I was….and my hard work from the first two months PAID off.


Things Begun To Turn Around At This Point

Early in month 3, I made my first SALE online with Wealthy Affiliate.

WOOHOO!  I made first $23.50 USD.

Wealthy Affiliate has never delayed my payment

And from there, things started to snowball.  The work I had done in the first two months started to pay dividends.

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Then I Started Making Consistent Income

By Month 6: I was making a consistent income.

By Month 12: I was pretty much EARNING full time income online.

I was earning enough to work full time online and quit my day job.


I Was Still Scared

There was this fear of my quitting my job and working fulltime from home, but strangle this fear quickly dissolved.

And a few months later I started to work from home full time.

And here I am still working from home and I love EVERY MINUTE of it!  I would not trade this lifestyle for the world.

BUT, none of this would have been possible if I quit.


What If I Gave Up

If I gave up.  If I said after that second month of $0 in revenue, “this doesn’t work”.

This leads me to YOU and YOUR success.


How Can I Ensure That You Will Be Successful Online? 

Quite easy. Give yourself ENOUGH time to achieve success.

By this I mean, giving yourself more than a month…and even two months.

Give yourself at least one year to get your own personal business and success rolling and you will ensure that you will be successful.


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