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Today, we are taking a closer look at yet another online program that has crossed my path by name Quest Mindshare.

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In my Quest Mindshare review, we will be taking a closer look at:

  1. Who exactly is running the show here?
  2. Cost of signing up for this noise making system.
  3. Could their claims exactly be trusted?
  4. Can money be made here?
  5. Is it a legitimate program to invest in or just a waste of time BS scam.


Quest Mindshare is simply put, a survey site that pays you for sharing your opinions about products and services.

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Quest Mindshare – Overview

What Is Quest Mindshare?

Like I did mentioned earlier, this Quest Mindshare platform allows you to share your mind regarding products and services of various companies and you get paid.

Signing up for this program is free as all what is required of you is to fill out a piece of information to be able to participate in this legitimate money making program.

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Quest Mindshare is a legitimate online businesses and here are other similar legit programs I have reviewed for which some are My Lead System Pro and Jamberry.


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Earning Potentials:

Actually, what you will be earning here is not that much to put an end to your financial struggles and ranges between $0.10USD to $5.00USD.

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More so, to complete a normal survey, it will usually take you between 10-30 minutes to earn between $0.10 to $5.00 like I said earlier.

There you have it, you will be wasting away so much of your precious time just to earn something little which perhaps cannot buy you a cup of coffee.

For these scam programs I have reviewed which are Automated Daily Income and Ensis they are just a complete waste of time programs just to steal away your cash.



Quest Mindshare is indeed legitimate money making program that you could actually try out.

However, the real issues lies in the fact that the amount of money you will be making here considering the kind of energy you will have to put in to realize that cash is really not worth it at all.

Why waste away so much of your precious time and energy here on Quest Mindshare only to earn a little cents whiles there are better alternative’s you can actually try out to make more cash online for yourself.

Because at the end of it all, passion does not create money: money creates passion.

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