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Promote Your Blog Post Via Facebook

Surveys indicate that the average Facebook user spends 40 minutes per day on the platform and yet families spend as little as 36 minutes each day.

In this guide you are going to discover how to promote your blog post via facebook.

Promoting content via Facebook has been shown to yield substantial dividends when done right. Sharing relevant content to your target audience via Facebook groups can generate traffic to your blog.

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The good news is that Facebook groups are usually formed and populated by like-minded online users; users generally share a common interest and engage with each other on that basis.

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It therefore becomes easier to target them with relevant content.

It is also important to note that Facebook groups are usually governed by certain specified rules. Breaking them may result in being removed from such groups among other repercussions.

Now, how do you ensure that you successfully promote your content to Facebook groups you belong to without breaking the rules?

I will briefly show you how. Read on!



Facebook groups are formed for specific purposes and are governed by specific rules. Get acquainted with the rules that pertain to the Facebook groups you belong to and intend sharing your blog posts to.

Groups would usually specify these rules at the description column of their accounts.

Read them and be sure you understand them. Whereas some groups are all for relevant content sharing, others frown on this practice.

There are other Facebook groups that specify the kinds of content that are allowed on their platform and those that are disallowed. It is in your best interest to know these rules.

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That you belong to a Facebook group suggests in essence that you subscribe to the rules that govern its functionality.

To maximize any benefits that may accrue to such a group, you simply have to comply with known rules.

What is the essence of knowing the rules if you do not intend to keep them. You do not want to be ignored all together, blacklist or blocked from the group for sharing content that is at variance with prevailing rules.



To generate substantial traffic from your Facebook group to your blog, sharing blog posts that provide solutions to problems common to group members will do the trick.

In so far as your blog posts are meeting a need (or the needs) of group members, you will gain their attention.

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You should not only be interested in promoting your blog post. Engage with other group members on issues they show an interest in.

Be willing to help them find solutions to a need or the other. Share expert knowledge where the need arises.

As you share your thoughts with them, you may occasionally include a link to a blog post that specifically addresses the issue in question.

Be courteous and nice when engaging with such folks. Engage with group members regularly and endeavour to build a healthy relationship with them.

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