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Most Bloggers Fail Because Of This

Why fail as a blogger when you can actually skip the common mistakes that causes most bloggers to fail.

Success in the blogosphere is not automatic and truth be told, scores of bloggers are frustrated by the stark reality of incessant failure in their attempts at building successful blogging careers.

That said, becoming an accomplished blogger isn`t a mirage.

Most bloggers fail because of this:

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You do yourself a disservice if you continually churn out irrelevant, poorly researched and cheap content. Many bloggers fail in this regard.

Content that lacks originality, creativity and fails to address the problems of readers will not fly.

You must commitment yourself to writing well-researched, relevant, high value content for your readers.

Your blog posts must solve problems and must be well written.

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There is absolutely no way you can become an accomplished blogger if you give up early in your blogging career.

Many quit blogging when in spite of what they presume to be their best efforts they are unable to garner the traffic and revenue they sought to make from their blogging career.

Discouragement sets in and they take a bow.

However, to make significant gains in your blogging career, it is critical that persist in spite of the odds.

Don`t give up. Learn as much as you can from successful bloggers, adopt and adapt the strategies you glean to re-vitalize your blogging career.

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Passion is crucial for success in the blogosphere and in virtually all fields of human endeavour.

It is passion that will keep you going in the face of monumental challenges in your career pursuits.

The sad reality is that many are into blogging for the money but lack a passion for it. They easily call it quits when they are not making the money they hoped they would make.

Challenges throw them off balance. You must be passionate about your blogging career.

Love what you do. Be passionate about providing content that meets the desperate needs of your readers.



Driven by the desire to make money, some bloggers only concern themselves with placing ads on their blogs and promoting their products/services.

This is a put off for many readers. In as much as you want to promote a product or service or even need to place ads on your blog, you must tone down on these; use them sparingly and focus on producing high quality content for the consumption of your audience.



Search Engine Optimization is one of the major key drivers of traffic to blogs and websites. As such you ignore it at the peril of your blog.

Sadly, many produce great content and publish them on their blogs with little to no knowledge about SEO; how to optimize their blog posts for search engines.

Traffic from search engines can be huge. Learn as much as you can about SEO and employ such knowledge to ensure your blog posts are optimized for search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

You are now good to go.

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