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Making Money For Stay Home Moms – Diet Bet Review

Are you a stay at home mom, cares a lot about your body shape and wish you could get to know how to making money for stay home moms?

Are you fat and wish you could lose some weight?

Do you have a source of internet connection?

If your answer is yes, then yes, I have got the best solution for you who wants to discover how to making money for stay home moms.

Ever heard of a money making app by name DietBet?

Did you know that this exact app is going to make you money for working on your fitness level?

Well stick around with me and I will be making you aware about all you will ever need to know regarding DietBet in the following sections below:

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What Exactly Is DietBet

DietBet is a fitness training app that will actually pay you for losing weight.


DietBet – Overview

What is DietBet?

DietBet is a mobile app which you can download from Google play store and install unto your smartphone or android phone and bet on yourself to lose weight and make some cash.


Here Are Other Legitimate Money Making Apps Like DietBet

DietBet is a very useful app for every stay at home mom who is interested in losing some weight and staying fit just like these body fitness apps that I have reviewed before which are Gympact and Healthy Wage.

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How Does DietBet Works?

With DietBet, you are actually betting on yourself to lose weight and earn some cash.

After installing the DietBet app unto your phone, your next step is log in and makes use of the opportunities that this exact app has to offer you.

Now when you log in into the DietBet app, you have the option of joining an existing bet or setting up your very own bet.

Every bet inside the DietBet app has an amount of money you will need to pay to try out and when you are able to meet the task that comes along with it, the accumulated monies are shared among you and other winners who paid to try out the existing bet.

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What Does That Mean

Meaning, if you join an existing bet or create your own bet, you will still need to pay some money to make use of the app.

However, your payments into trying out the DietBet app are refundable provided you are able to invite eight people or friends to come try out the DietBet app.


How To Redeem Your Earning On Diet Bet App

Your performing of existing task or the ones you create yourself will add up to your points and make you more cash which you can request for payment.

DietBet uses PayPal secure payment system to pay its members.

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Well there is no doubt that you can make money when trying out the DietBet app especially for a stay at home mom who wants to find out how to making money for stay home moms.

Because at the end of it all, passion does not create money: money creates passion.

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I Have Issues With The Dietbet App

My issue with DietBet app is that, it is limited to only US residents and that if you live outside the US, then you are not eligible to use or try out DietBet App.

This is where it becomes very important for you to start looking for a legitimate way to make real good money online as a stay home mom.

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