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How To Write Reviews For Extra Cash

Are you good at English and can you write reviews for extra cash?

If you do then yes, you should check out how to make money writing reviews as we take a closure look at ReviewStream.

ReviewStream is one of the programs I have recently run into that claims to help you make some cash on the side for which we are going to be taking a closure look at.

Stick around with me in the sections below and let’s get into a lot more detail:

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What Is ReviewStream?ReviewStream is a free online platform that affords users the opportunity to make some cash writing honest and helpful content on any topic you’re familiar with.

It has been running since 2005. Geographical location is not a barrier to joining and making money with ReviewStream as long as you have internet access.

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At ReviewStream, you get paid for writing product reviews. ReviewStream works via a simple process.

Once you visit the content submission page on the site, select the content type you are comfortable working on.

Content types available include viral content, text-based reviews, interviews and several others.

Write a review, upload related pictures and submit the content. Acceptance or rejection of content submitted is hinged on the conclusions reached by the ReviewStream, following an analysis of your content.

You earn as and when your review or content is acknowledged by ReviewStream as accepted.



You can earn between 5% to 15% per review or content you provide at ReviewStream.

Increase your earning potential by providing high-quality content and reviews, and doing so as often as possible.

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How Does ReviewStream Pay You

ReviewStream pays users solely via PayPal. Minimum cash out threshold is pretty high.

It is ten times the amount you were paid for your first product review at ReviewStream.

What this means is that if you earned $12 for your first review at ReviewStream, your minimum cash out threshold will be $120.



ReviewStream, yes it’s a great way to earn some cash on the side.

However, for those of you who are looking to achieve a better life and income, then ofcourse ReviewStream is definitely not a good option to go for.

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