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Today, we will be taking a closer look at an online business program by name MindsPay.

In my MindsPay Review, I will be touching on the following areas:

  1. Cost of joining this exact make money online program.
  2. Could their claims of making money here be trusted?
  3. Should you give this program a try or it’s a waste of time system that you need to avoid.
  4. How this program actually works.
  5. Are there any kind of products and services being offered here?

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MindsPay Review

Name:                           MindsPay

Official Website:

Cost of joining:           Free to join

Founder:                      Unidentified


MindsPay is simply put, a market place research program that pays you for reviewing products, taking surveys, email reading etc.


MindsPay – Overview

What Is MindsPay?

A market research program that pays you between $3 to $75 for task like reviewing products, takings survey, reading of emails etc.

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Signing up or joining this program is really not difficult at all, all what is expected of you is to fill out  a piece of information about yourself and household to assist the company to access the kind of job that will be suitable for you when participating in this legitimate money making program.

A legitimate online business opportunity that has similarities with Quest Mindshare online money making program.

Earning Potential:

In reality, what you will be earning from this system is not much and ranges from $3 to $75 considering the kind of efforts and energy that you will be putting into this program.

Myself, I am the kind of guy who wants to achieve more with the little time I have at my disposal and that is why I will not personally go in for a program like this though legit.

Apart from reviewing legitimate money making programs, I have also reviewed some scam ones which you might be interested in having a look at, they are Ensis and Yota.

What And How To Work From Home

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Do yourself the favour and spend your precious time on a program that will help you achieve your financial success and live life on your own terms than a market research program that which will consume all your time like this MindsPay Program and pay you just a little cents for your hard efforts.

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