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Test The Newest App And Earn Cash

If you are looking to test the newest app and earn cash, then you are at the right place and at the right time.

Today, I am going to help you discover exactly how to start getting paid to test out apps on your phone or tablet.

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Making money with apps is very possible and that you can make some cash by simply testing and providing feedback on some of the hottest and coolest new apps.

How To Make Money With Android Apps

This business could be fun filled and rewarding, so stick around with me and let’s get into a lot more detail in the section that follows:

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What Is AppCoiner?

AppCoiner is an online platform created in July 2013 that allows you to test new apps and write your opinions about these apps you tested, using either your phone or computer.

What Is AppCoiner?

It is however not free to join or access. A lifetime membership fee of $27 was previously applicable.

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The way AppCoiner works is very simple and follows a three-step approach thus:

  • Choose An App To Test
  • Write About It
  • Make Money!


Choose An App To Test

How To Make Money Downloading Apps On Your Phone

Choose an app from our app review database and test it on your phone or tablet.


Write About It

How To Make Money Downloading Apps On Your Phone

Write your honest opinion of the app on your AppCoiner app website.


Make Money!

How To Make Money Downloading Apps On Your Phone

AppCoiner monetizes your website traffic and the more apps you test and write about, the more money you make!



Your earnings are largely depend on how many hours you want to put in.

You can choose to work a few hours per week, or to work full time, it’s completely up to you.

How Much Money Can You Make With AppCoiner?

For each review that you write you can typically expect to earn at least $50 or even more depending on the type of app, popularity of the app and quality of your review.

It’s not uncommon for top members to earn several hundred dollars for each app that they test and review.

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How Does AppCoiner Pay You?

AppCoiner pays directly into your bank account.

How Does AppCoiner Pay You?

Payments are made weekly, fortnightly or monthly via direct deposit.

A minimum cash out threshold of $50 may be applicable depending on what country your bank account is in.



For me, I see no point in you paying $27 to try out AppCoiner program that claim to help you make money.

You are better of going for a legitimate free program that can guarantee you of earning real good money online.

You should also get me here that if you fail to write a review, there will be no way you will benefit from trying out AppCoiner.



I recommend at this point that you start looking for a legitimate money making system.

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