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How To Rank High On Search Engines

Is there a better way on how to rank high on search engines? Yes there is and I am going to show you how.

Did you know that there are certain things that most blogger mistakenly do that affects their rankings on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Search engine optimization is great and helps drive traffic to your site as it ensures that your site ranks high during search engine queries.

There is however the downside to SEO.

Did you know that over optimizing your post can go a long way to kill your blog.

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Yes, you heard me right.

Now, why do this to kill your blog or website?

The common parlance, “too much of everything is bad” holds true even in search engine optimization.

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Something that should have brought about positive results instead yields the reverse.

The reality is that, in the bid of some bloggers and content marketers to work around the technical side of SEO`s in other to rank high in search engines, they engage in search engine optimization practices that sends a negative signal to search engines.

Google, for instance might met out stiff penalties to over optimized posts and blogs, depending on the severity of the infraction.

One thing however is sure, your site`s ranking will dip in the course of time.

Traffic to your site will dwindle, and even where visitors land on your site, the likelihood of exiting is very high, owing to your focus on the technical side of SEO`s to the neglect of consistently producing high value content with relevant keywords.

I have been going on and on about the negative effects of over optimizing blog posts and might have left you wondering what specific actions constitutes over optimization of a blog.

Well, they are several and Google picks up the signal pretty fast for the most part.

You over optimize your post when you stuff it with keywords and when you use keywords that are not relevant. These affect the quality of your blog post.

A post that should have read naturally and provided value will be so ridden with keywords that it loses its flow and quality.

It`s a put off for visitors to your site. In instances were readers are directed to your site by search engines as a result of your use of keywords that have no bearing on your niche, you will find that the bounce rate will be high and conversions low.

The use of internal links is well and good as far SEO`s are concerned. However, the use of keyword-rich anchors for internal links constitutes an over-optimization of your site.

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This practice ruins the most important component of your SEO, that is, your link profile. Google will come after your site (and your blog post).

Other SEO practices that constitute over optimization of blog post include the use of more than one H1 tag on a page, sending outbound links to toxic or spammy sites (and sites in the sub-20 DA range) and keyword-stuffing footer.

Google devalues footer links and penalizes all the afore-mention SEO infractions. Over-optimizing your blog post isn`t worth it; it is counter-productive – steer clear.

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