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Get More People To Visit Your Blog

Don’t run a blog thinking you will get visitors effortlessly, how to get more people to visit your blog for you to make more money online.

Although, visually appealing content is great, attracts the attention of readers and has a wider audience, however, if not done right, it will be counter-productive to your blogging success.

You may have a well written blog post but it will flop should your visuals go wrong.

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You blog post will do well if it not solely text but a blend of text and appealing visuals.

That way, you readers do not get bored and discard your post altogether.

Draw readers in with a great title and opening paragraph and once there, keep them in with a well written high value post and with appropriate visuals.

An added advantage of employing texts with visual contents is that texts can employ specific key words and positions your blog post right in search engine; it`s great for SEO.

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Visuals employed on your blog should be relevant to the message you seek to convey.

They ought not to be at odds with the text, less your message becomes messy and perhaps misunderstood.

A disconnect between text and visuals is a put off for some readers. You obviously do not want this to happen.

Choose visuals that will complement rather than distract readers from the text.

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While it`s great to employ visually appealing contents in your blog posts, an excessive use of same is not recommended.

You don`t want to distract your readers from the text and you certainly do not want your readers to get the impression that you do not have much to say about the subject (and that your excessive use of visuals are only intended to make up for your deficiencies – knowledge gap).

By all means use visually appealing but use them in moderation. Do not litter, as it were your blog post with them.



Animations detract from optimum reader engagement.

They will be a put off for some readers while for others, they will be so engrossed with the animations that little to no attention will be given to the text.

You certainly do not want this to happen.

Over to you! Go out there and attract your readers with visually appealing contents.

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