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How To Get More Clicks On Your Blog

More Clicks Means More Money For You As A Blogger

Did you know that not all blogs are really driving in the kind of traffic that will help generate good revenue for the owner?

Well you may have a nice looking blog and if you are not getting more people to click on your blog, then there is definitely a problem you need to fix.

Well, I am here today to show you exactly how to fix that so you could make more money in return.

With literally several thousands of new blogs springing up daily and millions of existing blogs, the battle for clicks is all too keener and intense.

Several thousands of blog posts are churned out daily, all clamoring for the attention of online readers. How then do you win this battle?

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I will show you how.



You headlines should be such that it gets the attention of online readers at a glance.

Hook online readers with attractive, catchy and engaging headlines; headlines that will make them want to click on your post to access its content.

Such headlines should however not be deceptive.

Once you build a reputation for deceptive or misleading headlines, online readers will simply ignore your content.

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It is great to craft headlines that drive traffic to your blog.

However, it is crucial that you create high value content; content that addresses the needs of your target audience and provides solutions to their specific needs.

That way, not only will your blog have first time visitors, but repeat visitors and loyal followers for that matter.

You certainly do not want to drive away visitors with cheap content.



The more you update your blog with new content, the better it fares in search engines such as Google. Your content will show up more often in search engines and this will in essence drive traffic to your blog.

Your blog post should certainly be top-notch but keep it short. Many online users simply do not have the time to consume lengthy content.



Gain exposure and drive traffic to your site by contributing great articles to other sites in to your niche. You obviously do not want your blog to remain obscure. Include your byline and a link to your blog in the contents you contribute to other sites.

That way, traffic is directed from such sites to your blog (Some readers will follow the link to access content on your blog when they find your guest post fascinating and helpful).

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Get actively engaged in promoting your content via social media platforms. Social media sites such as Facebook and LinkdIn have several millions of active users.

This presents a content promotion opportunity. Regularly share links to relevant contents on your blog via social media sites and engage with your audience.

Some online users will click on these links to access contents on your blog if the headlines resonate with them.

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