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Get A Quicker Boost In Blog Traffic

I am yet to see any blogger who does not want to get a quicker boost in website traffic.

These are among the key preoccupations of many bloggers since they have a significant bearing on whether or not they are doing well in the blogosphere.

When it comes to quicker boosting of traffic and conversions, bloggers and content marketers alike employ a variety of strategies.

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Many of these measures can be deployed in pairs or simultaneously, as it were.

In this blog post focus is on pairing content marketing with Pay Per Click and social media marketing for quicker boost in traffic and conversions.

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It is crucial to note that some aspects of data obtained from Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns can help you create more effective content marketing – i.e., improving the impact of your messaging and increasing conversions.

Let`s assume you’ve been running a PPC campaign for editing services for a couple of month.

Some aspects of the results of such a PPC campaign can be employed to boost the success of your content marketing and social media marketing programs (Don`t forget, content marketing would essentially need the wings of social media marketing to fly – they are complementary).

Data from Pay Per Click campaigns may show parts of the country where demand for editing services for instance, is particularly high and places where demand is low.

This will inform the level of content marketing that will be needed to either penetrate the market or create brand awareness.

It will also determine the nature of social media marketing campaigns that would be employed for optimal results.

Relevant data from a Per Per Click campaign may also determine the particular audience you need to tailor your content to.

This may for instance become the case where a Pay Per Click campaign converts a lot of university students but very few lecturers.

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You may then tailor your content marketing campaigns and social media marketing to take advantage of the opportunities this audience affords.

If an ad titled “Solve Editing Problems” does better than “Low-price Editing,” you have relevant data that will inform your messaging approach that emphasizes solution selling rather than price — evidence that will significantly influence your content approach, or justify content decisions to get executive buy-in.

When contents that focuses on problem solving is created and posted on your site for instance, it can be promoted via social media marketing to bring in the much needed traffic and conversions.

You should expect a quick boost in traffic and conversions as long as you effectively pair content marketing with Pay Per Click and social media marketing.

I believe you have learnt a lot here and have found out how to get a quicker boost in blog traffic.

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