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3 Reasons To Publish Quality Content

Quality will always override quantity when looking to earn more revenue from blogging.

If for nothing at all, at least for purposes of brand consistency, you ought to produce focused content.

The idea is that, since you have a target audience, your writing should have a sense of focus and direction; you are endeavouring to meet specific need (s) of your target audience with your content.

Today, will be taking a look at 3 reasons to publish quality content.

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Now, it is crucial that your blog has a specific focus. That will determine the kinds of content you turn out.

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If you are writing about anything and everything, you will be missing out on your target audience.

Bare in the mind the fact that your target audience has unique and specific needs.

It is certainly in your best blogging interest to meet those needs with your published articles. Now, this is what happens if your writing is unfocused.



The more you write quality content about a particular subject, the more readers of your articles associate  you with the subject; Your expertise on the subject comes to the fore and sooner or later, you become the go-to person when online users are in need of authoritative and high value information related to your niche or area of expertise.

The reverse is also the case. When you consistently create unfocused content, you are seen as a ‘Jack of all trade and a master of none.’ Your brand invariably suffers.

Viewers of your content will in time develop a low view of your content.

They will seek information from sites that produce focused content addressing their needs on a regular basis.

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It is the desire of every blogger to build a community of loyal readers as against one-time visiting readers.

Readers (and viewers) will keep coming to your blog, accessing your published articles and sharing them on social media platforms if you are consistently providing focused content that meets their needs.

There is no way you can consistently provide content that resonates with your target audience when your writing is unfocused.

Assuming a viewer accesses an article from your site that makes their day.

He or she visits the next time and your blog post is about a subject that has no relationship whatsoever with the previous articles.

Well, should this continue, you will certainly not be able to convert visitors into followers and loyal viewers.

You would also lose the loyalty of once loyal viewers and readers of your content.



Unfocused writing drives away both loyal viewers and visitors from your site as earlier alluded to.

The traffic that should have been generated from viewers accessing focused content that meets their needs and resonates with them will be lost.

As visits to your site dwindles the income generation potential of your blog dwindles.

You certainly do not want your target audience to shun your published articles, do you?

Well, this will be the unavoidable reaction of your viewers with it`s attendant drawbacks should you write unfocused articles.

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