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How To Earn Money Testing Apps

Using apps are a great way to earn extra cash by the side especially for those of you looking to find how to earn money for testing apps.

TesterWork is one platform I have come across recently that claims to make you money testing out apps and we are going to be taking a closer look at shortly.

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As we take a look at TesterWork review, you will be discovering exactly what TesterWork is all about, how it works and how you are going to get paid a fixed amount for test case execution.

How To Get Paid A Fixed Amount For Test Case Execution

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What Is TesterWork?

TesterWork is an app/website testing platform that allows freelancers with QA testing expertise to make some cash by testing websites and apps.

What Is TesterWork?

Its community of testers around the globe number over 50,000. If you have expertise in QA testing, you may be recruited to work with TesterWork either on a part time or full time basis.

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Here, I am going to be sharing with you on the 3 types of project you can do as a tester below:

  • Exploratory Testing
  • Test Case Execution – Legacy
  • Test Case Execution – Tester Work Platform


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Exploratory Testing

What Project Can I Do As A Tester With TesterWork

Exploratory testing is about exploring the system to test that each component functions properly.

It seems that every action that should take place, does take place.


What Is The Goal Of Exploratory Testing

The goal is to see that every feature of the software works and that the user can reach and use those features without encountering any issues.


6 Fundamental Principles Of Exploratory Testing:

  • Reading the test specifications while familiarizing yourself with the software;
  • Identifying the expected functions of the software;
  • Interacting with the features of the software;
  • Comparing the actual results of your interaction with the features to the expected results;
  • Evaluating whether the software works as outlined in the test specifications;
  • When the software doesn’t perform as expected, describing the issues encountered as detailed bug reports.


Test Case Execution – Legacy

What Project Can I Do As A Tester With TesterWork

Test case execution is the process of performing a set of flows using specific instructions and comparing the results observed with the expected/intended results provided by TesterWork team.


What Is The Goal Of Test Case Execution – Legacy

The goal is to make sure that everything works as implied in the test case suite on your selected environment.

The most valuable aspect of the legacy test case executions is the ongoing communication with the Tester Work team in charge of that execution.

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5 Most Important Aspects Of Test Case Execution – Legacy:

  • The email invitation to the test case execution includes testing time frames, selected environment (Device/OS), and payment for completing the test;
  • In order to ensure a smooth experience, we recommend replying to our invitation as soon as possible letting the team know whether you are available for the test;
  • It’s important to read all of the testing instructions and to clarify any unclear aspects ahead of time, in order to meet the agreed deadlines;
  • If the behavior encountered in the app doesn’t match the expected outcomes written in the test case suite, the affected test cases are “Failed” and relevant bug reports must be attached in the test case execution document;
  • The test case execution is considered complete once all of the test cases inside the selected suite have the appropriate status assigned to them.


Test Case Execution – Tester Work Platform

What Project Can I Do As A Tester With TesterWork

While this type of project follows essentially the same flow as the legacy one, in this case, the process is automated through our platform and will be performed in our test runner without any interaction over emails with our team.

The focus here is on the status of the test case, pass or fail.


4 fundamental principles of testing via Test Case Execution – Tester Work Platform:

  • The Tester Work profile includes notifications about upcoming and ongoing tests
  • Successful tests are the ones where the instructions have been thoroughly followed
  • Being aware of the time left to execute a set of instructions allows stress-free testing
  • The desired outcome of a test case execution is having all of the relevant notes and proof for the issues encountered during that execution.

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When Can I Start Testing?

With TesterWork , you can start testing as soon as you have received an email about a new project that matches your profile.

After you have received the email your next step is to accept the invite and you will receive more details.

From then on, you should receive emails about TesterWork new testing projects by keeping an eye on your inbox.

Please also check your spam folder.



How Does TesterWork Work?

With TesterWork, you will primarily be required to follow a three-step process as listed below.

  • Sign Up
  • Test Apps & Websites
  • Get Paid


Sign up

How Does TesterWork Work?

Register today and complete our 3 step QA assessment!

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Test Apps & Websites

How Does TesterWork Work?

We will send you exclusive invites to join our latest test cycles.

We have new cycles starting every day!


Get Paid

How Does TesterWork Work?

Once your test cycle is complete, you can relax and enjoy your well-deserved payment!



Your earning potential with TesterWork is dependent on the type of issues and/or bugs you find while testing apps, and how often you find these issues and/or bugs.

How Much Money Can You Make With TesterWork?

The amount is always clearly displayed in the test invitation you will receive by email.

You will either be paid per bug found or fixed amount for test case execution.

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How Does TesterWork Pay You?

At present, TesterWork pays via Paypal and also through an Upwork contract.

Payment is usually made in approximately two weeks (12 – 14 days) after the test cycle has finished.

How Does TesterWork Pay You?



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