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Connect With Your Readers Emotionally

Akin to the emotional connection that exists in a mutually beneficial relationship such as that which exists between two genuine friends is the emotional connection that ought to be established between the blogger and readers.

As a blogger, it is imperative that you connect with your readers and increase sales.

Do not hide your identity and name; it should be easy to find your name and photograph on your site if you really want to connect emotionally with your audience.

Your content should resonate with them. Learn to “speak their language” as it were.

Your readers should be able to relate to your content.

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Communicate with your readers in a personal tone. Include relevant personal experiences in your blog posts whenever possible.

As you open up to your readers, you gain their trust and they have a sense of connection with a real person, not just a site.

At this point, you may be wondering why put yourself through this hustle.

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I will show you why.


When readers become connected to you emotionally, you have them hooked to your site and to its contents.

When readers fall in love with your writing style and the contents of your blog, and get the sense that you have nothing to hide, they readily open up to you.

This may be expressed by their regular comments at the comments section of your blog.

Readers may trust you enough to share their concerns and ask questions related to the contents you publish on your site.

You will then have the opportunity to respond to their concerns and answer their questions at the comments section and through later blog posts.

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Emotionally connected readers will in most cases than not share your contents via social media platforms (and other platforms such as emails) and will readily recommend your site to those within their circle of friends.

This will invariably increase visits to your site. And if your content proves helpful to these visitors, they will come back for more.

The natural progression is that as long as these visitors find your content interesting and helpful (and develop some kind of emotional connection to you), they will remain your loyal readers / followers with it`s potential increased revenue generation via adverts and other sources.

It is also important to note that engagement (increased activity) on your blog may send positive signals to search engine sites such as Bing and Google which may result in your blog making significant progress in search engine rankings. Consequently these search engines will drive traffic to your blog.

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