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Google Will Hate You For Doing This

I bet no blogger will want to get him or her self into trouble with google, the mother of search engines.

Do you know that Google will hate you for doing this exact thing I am about sharing with you?

I bet you don’t, so stick around with me and lets get into a lot more detail.

Do you want your blog and its contents to rank high in Google?

I bet you do. You well know that search engine like as Google can drive traffic to your site.

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The reality is that there are certain things or practices that Google hates and when you do them, a signal can be sent to Google indicating your site isn`t relevant to your users.

When that happens, Google will hate you for doing this and your search engine placement will decline.

Google users in search of your kind of contents may find it difficult, if not impossible to locate your blog posts.

I will show you briefly some of these little things you ought to not take for granted, less Google receive the signal that your site isn`t relevant to your users.

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Keyword stuffing refers to using a keyword over and over again in your content with the intent of getting better Google search ranking.

Do not stuff your blog posts with keywords. You do so at the risk of your content being considered spammy by Google`s algorithm and your site being penalized by Google.

In your bid to rank high in Google, one of your cardinal goals should be to create relevancy signals for Google.

However, that should not be done at the expense of quality.



Regularly update you site with relevant, unique and quality content. Provide supplementary content that provides value to searchers such as videos, interactive maps/tools and infographics.

These get Google`s attention in a positive way.

They enhance the Google search placement of your site. Conversely, when your site is not updated regularly with fresh content, Google gets a negative signal regarding the relevancy of your site.



A domain history of hosting with spammers and conducting “black hat” tactics is bad enough. It will hurt your Google ranking immensely.

Your site risks being penalized for such practices. Choose a legitimate domain hosting platform. Maintain a clean slate by steering clear from “black hat” tactics.

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Domains with short term registration are considered less legitimate and less authoritative by Google.

Google gives more credit to sites with longer domain registration since such sites will more likely continue for years as against sites that are established for temporary causes.

Purchase long term domain registrations and keep your domain up to date.



You send the wrong signal to Google when you have inferior and spammy inbound links to your site. Your site is sure to get penalized for such a breach.

Work on building high-quality inbound links. Allow links to build naturally as you contribute articles to authoritative and credible sites.

You are in good company. With links from such sites to yours, your website will rank higher.

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