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Google Is For What

You asking of Google is for what in terms of making money online is a true reflection of the fact that you have little or no idea about what Google is and how it operates.

This is why I am going to save you the time of having to do a lot of research in trying to find out what Google is for and offer you all the information you ever need to know about Google which happens to be a household name in technology in the sections that follows:

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Google as the name goes is a United States based multinational technology company that is specialized in internet related services and products.

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Google as a United States based multinational technology company was founded in September 1998 by two gentlemen by name Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

These two gentlemen were Ph. D. students at the Stanford University in California.

These two gentlemen incorporated Google as a California privately held company on 4 September, 1998 in California.

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Google as a company which is considered as one of the BIG FOUR technology companies in the world like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and is specialized in various internet related areas including the following:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Search Engine
  • Online Advertising Technologies



For anyone asking Google is for what, the name Google is a mathematical term for the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros.

It all started by then nine year old Milton Sirotta, a nephew of the American mathematician Edward Kasner.

Edward Kasner asked his nephew to invent a name for a large number-ten to the power of one hundred (the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros) and Milton Sirotta called it “googol”

It’s a true reflection of the founders who happen to be Larry Page and Sergey Brin mission to organize infinite amount of information available on the internet.

Therefore for anyone asking Google is for what, that was how the name Google was derived and it has now become a household name in search engines across the world as the mission of Larry Page and Sergey Brin keeps growing across the world through the internet.

Because at the end of it all, passion does not create money: money creates passion.

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Google as a technological company has come up with a lot of products and services to make life easier for you and I and I am going to be sharing 10 of them with you.


10 Google Products And Services You May Not Know

  • YouTube Red
  • YouTube Gaming
  • Google Wildfire
  • Google WebRTC
  • Google Waze
  • Google Storyboard
  • Google Scrubbies
  • Google Picasa
  • Google Navlekha
  • Google Motion Stills


YouTube Red

YouTube Red is a Google membership program that allows you to watch YouTube ad for free, save videos offline and play videos in the background.

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YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming helps you to connect to a world of gamers with the broadcast mix of games, videos and live streams all in one place.


Google Wildfire

Google Wildfire is social media software that offers you easy to use social media tools for pages, massages, ads, promotions, monitoring, analytics etc.


Google WebRTC

Google WebRTC is an open source project designed for web browsers with Real Time Communication (RTC) capabilities.


Google Waze

Google Waze is a community base traffic and navigation app for sharing real time traffic and road information’s and saving every time and gas money on daily commute.


Google Storyboard

Google Storyboard helps to transform your videos into single page comic layout entirely on device.


Google Scrubbies

Google Scrubbies is a manipulation tool from Google to help you manipulate the speed and direction of video playback to produce amazing video loops that highlight actions, capture funny faces, and replay moments.


Google Picasa

Google Picasa is what helps you to organize, edit and share your photos.

Google Navlekha

Google Navlekha will help you to easily make offline content fully editable and publish online without expert digital knowledge.


Google Motion Stills   

Google Motion Stills is a Google research app that uses advanced stabilization and rendering to turn your live photos and videos into GIFs that loop forever or edit them together into epic movies.

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Sorry but this is the conclusion on my guide on Google Is For What and I know you have enjoyed the read.

I also believe that you have discovered new Google products you may not have heard of before.

The above listed Google products are really of great value and are going to make life easier for you when you try them out or put them into use.

Please try them out and give me a reply in the comment section below about how it feels like trying them out.

Your precious time in going through my guide on Google Is For What is very much appreciated.

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