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Get Rewarded For Your Opinions

Who does not want to earn more money? Ofcourse everyone does and for those of you who want to get rewarded for your opinions by completing online surveys, Opinion Outpost is one of the best options available.

Yes, it is legit, safe and easy to use, and pays users for their opinions.

How much can you make with opinion outpost

Hold on tight and let’s get into a lot more detail in the sections below:

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Opinion Outpost is an online survey platform that links users to studies conducted by some notable brands.

What Is Opinion Outpost about

It is owned by Dynata, a sampling and survey firm with international repute, and has been operational for over a decade.

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Opinion Outpost allows you to complete online surveys and test products in exchange for gifts cards and cash rewards.

Simply sign up by entering your name and other requested personal details.

Once you are done signing up, click on the “Take A Survey” button on your main account dashboard.

This will lead you to a list of available surveys. Opinion Outpost essentially matches your personal details to relevant available surveys.

You may opt to have available surveys forwarded to you via email if that is your preference.

You earn points by completing available surveys.

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Apart from taking surveys and making money with Opinion Outpost, there are 3 more ways to make money for which I will list them out below:


3 More Ways To Make Money With Opinion Outpost

  • Test Products
  • Watch Adverts
  • Go Outside


Test Products

Ways to make money with opinion outpost

Try out prototypes and upcoming products – it’s a great way to make your friends jealous.


Watch Adverts

Ways to make money with opinion outpost

Get rewarded for sitting back and watching the latest ads


Go Outside

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How Much Money Can You Make With Opinion Outpost

Your earning potential is dependent on how often you complete surveys – the more surveys you complete, the more money you make.

Some users make $20 or more per week.

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Opinion Outpost offers multiple payment options, including cash payments via PayPal, donations to charity and gift cards – iTunes gift cards, home depot gift cards, restaurant gift cards, Amazon gift cards and prepaid credit or debit cards.

The minimum cash out threshold for Opinion Outpost is 100 points ($10 / £5) for PayPal payments and 50 points ($5) for gift cards.



Opinion Outpost is a way to make money online, no doubt about that.

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