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Get Paid To Use Websites And Apps

Do you want to get paid to use websites and apps by performing simple task like testing out a website or app as you would in a real-life situation, and voicing your thoughts and frustrations out loud so the site developers can understand your experience?

If you do, then you are going to get paid $10 for every 20 minutes test you conduct.

Get Paid To Use Websites And Apps And Give Your Honest Feedback

Essentially, you are going to play a role of making the web a more user-friendly place!

Alright, stick around with me shortly and let’s get into a lot more detail below as we take a look at my TryMyMUI review:

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What Is TryMyUI?TryMyUI is a platform that bring together designers and coders see the obstacles that real people run into on their sites and apps.

What Is TryMyUI?

TryMyMUI affords you the opportunity to earn some cash by testing new apps and websites.

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How Does TryMyUI Work?

TryMyUI works via a three-step process, when viewed from the perspective of individuals and companies who want their apps or websites tested.

This process typically encompasses the following:

  • Setting Up Your Test
  • Picking Your Target User
  • Watching The Video

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Set Up Your Test

Set Up Your Test


Set Up Your Test

Write a list of tasks you want users to perform on your website.


Pick Your Target User

Pick Your Target User



Choose from a wide array of demographic factors to find the right users.


Watch The Video

Watch The Video


Watch The Video

Collect videos to hear what users are thinking and see where they’re getting stuck.

If you are seeking cash earning opportunities with TryMyUI, do sign up and complete a qualification test.

This entails downloading the qualification test file, opening the test file and launching the test website.

Once the qualification test has been successful completed, you will be sent a notification when a cash earning test is available.

Use the test website precisely as you would ordinarily do in real life, and voice your opinions per your experience with an app or website.

Because at the end of it all, passion does not create money: money creates passion.

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How Much Money Can You Make With TryMyUI?Even though TryMyUI promises $10 per test, your earning potential can be significantly curtailed.

This may be as a consequence of the unavailability of tests over a protracted period. Completed tests may also be rejected if considered sub-standard or unhelpful.



How Does TryMyUI Pay You?

TryMyUI pays out weekly via PayPal.

Tests completed by users receive clearance for payment following review and acceptance by graders.

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