My Affiliate Marketing Guide

Congratulation Future Online Income Earner,

A warm welcome to my affiliate marketing guide titled “The Ultimate Make Money Online Guide For Beginners”.

If you are looking to start an online money making business today even if you have tried and failed before, don’t know where to turn to, then my guide will be of GREAT HELP to you and will even show you the money making secrets for this YEAR.

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There are a lot of conflicting information’s spread across the internet about how to make money online for free and with no scam which makes it difficult for people to discover a legitimate work at home business opportunity.

Making money home online is about taking the right action and Ultimate Make Money Online Guide For Beginners will surely be of great help to you when starting out an online business.

Alright, so without wasting much time lets get right into business.

Who is Francis


Francis is a simple dude who has struggled so many years back in 2011 in trying to find out how to create a website for free and make money with it to help me avoid the rat race of this life.

After years of going through all kinds of frustrations in throwing away my hard earned money into waste of time making money online scams like forex trading, some surveys and a whole lot more just because I wanted to start a real work at home business and still failed to achieve success.

In fact, I ended up with nothing and that even got me more frustrated because it was as if nothing was working out for me.

There was no one there to reach out to, to learn how to make money online from home for free and was left alone to battle things out all by myself.

Fast Forward To Today

Now, thankfully, the fear of “can I make money online” is finally gone and I have found out how to make money online from home with no scams  after so many failure attempts.

I came across a community based make money home online training program that had all I need to make money online fast when looking for working home jobs that are legitimate and has since been helpful.

That is why I have created this make money home online guide to lead anyone who might be looking for how to make money online from home towards the right path to avoid these make money online scams that are spread across the internet these days.

What Do I Need To Start A Legitimate Online Business


Let me first of all take the opportunity and lay the foundation by making you aware that there are free ways to make money online as well as paid ways to make money online today.

However, the main issue lies in you finding a legitimate online business that can help you earn extra money home online.

With that said, I also need make you aware that making money online will definitely requires some work on your part to achieve success and not a kind of done for you money making system where you will only need to push one little button and see thousands of dollars rolling into your bank account.

My dear, for you to make money online fast will require that you have to put in some real work efforts especially when starting out, patience to see your online business grow and persistence to keep on pushing for success, just like any other real life business.

“Making Money Online Is About Numbers And So The More You Do The More You Earn”

  Alright, so that is just about the foundation you will ever need to start making real money online, even if you have tried and failed before.

What Is The Easiest Way To Make Money On The Internet


FREE 2020 Make Money Online Guide

A lot of people who try to make money online from home have challenge with their old mindset and that feeling causes them to continue to fail in making money online.
The end result is that they never make any money online, not even a single dollar online.

They only know how to talk big instead of learning to find out the real ways to make money online.

You see, in this life that we live, there is a process by which everything works and that is why you will actually need to learn the process required to earn you real money online if you are serious about achieving a better life and income.

Can I Make A Residual Income Online From Home


A lot of ordinary people just like myself are making money online so there is nothing to stop you from making real good residual income online from home.


For you to make a passive income online, you will surely need to do Affiliate Marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work

Affiliate Marketing basically involves promoting products and services for a commission. This does not require any selling on your part.

What And How To Work From Home

How Do I Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

To get started with Affiliate Marketing you will have to sign up for an online program or product and promote it for commission through what we call affiliate link.

What Is An Affiliate Link

Its a special link that is assigned to anyone who want to promote an affiliate program or offer and earn a commission.

Its is with this link that when someone makes a purchase through your recommendations, then you are paid a commission.

“You Will Have Nothing To Do With Shipping And Handling or Creating A New Product”

What And How To Work From Home

Your main goal as a soon to be Affiliate Marketer is to provide a solution to a problem so you could earn some cool commission.

This method of making money online really works and it’s super easy to implement or try out if you are serious about making money online.

How Much Money Can I Make With Affiliate Marketing

This is one kind of a question that most newbies who want to figure out how to make money online from home with no prior internet marketing skills usually ask and that you are obviously not the first person to ask this question.

The simple answer to this question is that there is no limit to the amount of money you can make with affiliate marketing.

Your money making success is unlimited and lies in your ability to provide solution to a problem.

Meaning, the more problems you are able to solve, the more money you will make.

That is all what is required from you as soon to be Online Income Earner [OIE].

How Does Affiliate Marketing Makes Money 


Making money with affiliate marketing is very simple and truly does not require you to do any of the following g to make money.

  • You will not need to ship any product
  • No need to deal with customers
  • You do not have to purchase any inventory

Affiliate Marketing only involves these 5 steps

  1. Choose An Interest
  2. Create A Website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Recommend Products And Services
  5. Go Cash The Money

What And How To Work From Home

Step 1

Choose An Interest

You don’t have to be an expert to choose an interest to write about and make money online fast.

This blog that you are on right about now is a make money online blog where we review online money making programs.

The point is, we have interest in this specific area and that is why we review products around thus specific topic.

Therefore, to choose an interest you will obviously need to consider what you are passionate about so you could turn that passion into a thriving online business and make money with it.

Choosing an interest could be something you want to know more about or a hobby.

Any which way you surely need to have interest in a topic or an area before you write about it.

Else, you choose an interstate based on the amount of cash you will make with it then chances are that you will soon give up along the way.

My dear, the Internet is about providing value or information to searching customers and that means that if you are able to write quality content, then you will be able to make mite money online.

What And How To Work From Home

With over thousands of people who go  online to look for information, there couldn’t be a better place where those information’s will be coming from than from you and I.

Therefore, consider the broad picture and take advantage of this money making opportunity and make money online for free now.

Step 2

Create A Website

If you are worried about how to create a website for free just because you do no time have any technical knowledge about HTML, coding and what not, then relax.

This is because, there is actually nothing to worry about when it comes to building your own money making website.

Infact, you will be doing that free and will even get two free websites up and running for you as soon as you sign up below.

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What And How To Work From Home


Inside Wealthy Affiliate, you will be taking through a step by step training process to lead you to create your very own website for free with no money required from you.

There is also nothing to worry about the technicalities involved since that one has already been taken care of by the Wealthy Affiliate technical team.

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Step 3

Attract Visitors

Alright, so your first money making website is live and up and running on the internet.

Meaning, you will obviously need online traffic at this point in time.

What And How To Work From Home


Wealthy Affiliate has simplified the process of you getting more blog traffic and will show you all the tips and trick’s to get you unlimited traffic to your money making website.

This is because, making money online is about numbers and the more people you are able to reach out to with your offer the more money you will make.

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Step 4

Recommend Products And Services 

All you will be doing at this point in time is to recommend products and services to people and when they make a purchase, you get paid.

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What And How To Work From Home

Step 5

Go Cash The Money

This is where things get excited.

All what is required of you right about now is to wait patiently and just check your account to verify if you have made a sale or not.

And when you have made a sale, woohoo, yours is just to go cash the money and that is it.

What And How To Work From Home

Do I Need Special Skills or Experiences To Make Money Online

No experience is required of you.

Not with the legitimate online business program I am about to introduce you to.

All what is required of you is your ability to read and write.

Infact, you do not need a bachelor degree to make money online.

Although, students do make money online, that thus not mean that you should have a bachelor degree before making money online from home.

Now the good thing is that, since you have come this far through this guide it is a sure sign that you are a good candidate to make easy money online following the step by step money program I am about to introduce you to.

Therefore There Is No Need To Worry About How To Build A Money Making Website Or Putting The Pieces Together All By Yourself To Make Money Online.

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What Step By Step Training Program Can Help Me Start My Online Business

The step by step training program you will need to start your online business is Wealthy Affiliate.

I must confess that I could not have come this far without the step by step training model I received from Wealthy Affiliate.

That is to say, you will obviously need training to really earn a residual income online.

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What Is Wealthy Affiliate 

Wealthy Affiliate is surely the best step by step money making program for every beginner to discover how to make money online from home.

Infact, Wealthy Affiliate is not only limited to beginners who want to make extra money online but it’s also designed to help ultra successful online entrepreneurs to even make more money online.

What And How To Work From Home

How Can I Start An Online Business For FREE 

To start an online business for free, you will have to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership account.

By creating a free account, you will be automatically enrolled into the Free Starter Membership account program to get your own 2 (two) free websites and a whole lots more to kick start your online business for free which I will get into much more detail as I progress along with this make extra money online guide designed for beginners.

This therefore means that, whether you have money in your wallet or you are demn broke, you can still get access to Wealthy Affiliate money making platform for 100% free of charge and start a legitimate online business for free.

What Are The Main Training Inside Wealthy Affiliate

The exact step by step training you will be going through inside Wealthy Affiliate is called Online Entrepreneur Certification, which you can quickly get started today just after signing up for 100% free here.

What And How To Work From Home

How Do I Get Help And Support 

If you are thinking of where to get help and support when you start out the FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP program inside Wealthy Affiliate, then relax.

This is because you are fully covered inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a huge community-based program with over 1,500,000+ and counting active subscribers globally and has a lot of seasoned and accomplished online entrepreneurs on it who are always ready to share their years of experiences in making money online with all of us inside this great money making platform to help us all to keep succeeding in making real good money online.

 “Meaning, No Matter What Time Of The Day Or Night You Might Need Help, There Is Always Someone Ready To Help”

What If I Need A Very Quick Response To A Question

Wealthy Affiliate has got you covered.
Inside Wealthy Affiliate, you have the opportunity to ask any question that might be bothering you regarding your personal online business or anything else using the Live Chat support system.

All these are ways to provide you with the best help and support as you progress along to make easy money online.

What And How To Work From Home


You definitely need to do keyword research to be successful in making money online no matter the kind of online business you are engaged in.

To help you out, Wealthy Affiliate provides you with the best keyword tool being used by successful online entrepreneurs to lead you in creating a solid content for your money making website.

If not mistaking, I can even say that the keyword tool that Wealthy Affiliate will offer you for 30 free searches is super powerful than what Google Keyword Planner can provide you with in terms of data analysis.

What And How To Work From Home

What Are The Main Membership Packages Inside Wealthy Affiliate Training Program

There are basically two types of memberships inside Wealthy Affiliate and all of them have great benefits that come along.

  1. Free Starter Membership
  2. Premium Membership

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

Free Starter Membership is the best place for every beginner who is looking for how to make money online from home to start with.

Trying out Wealthy Affiliate for free is awesome since no credit card is required from you and there are also no strings attached.

You can choose to remain a Free Starter Member as long as you wish and can decide to go premium as and when you want.

What Is Included In The Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership

What And How To Work From Home


  1. You get to create two free websites.
  2. Free access to Premium Features for 7 days.
  3. Free highly secured web hosting.
  4. Free Affiliate Bootcamp courses and Online Entrepreneur Certificate training.
  5. Free 30 searches using the best keyword research tool.


Who Are The Founders Of Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle and Carson are the exact brains behind this superb Wealthy Affiliate money making platform which was started in 2005 and still remains as the best affiliate marketing training program on the internet.

What And How To Work From Home

What Is Included In Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership


  1. You get to create 25 free websites.
  2. SSL certification.
  3. Private Domain Registration.
  4. Easy website builder.
  5. Free hosting for 25 domain sites.
  6. Secured web hosting.
  7. 13 Learning classrooms.
  8. Unlimited Searches using the best keyword tool.
  9. Weekly webinars.
  10. Private messaging.
  11. Unlimited Live Chart support
  12. Free access to Kyle and Carson

How Much Does It Cost To Go Premium Inside Wealthy Affiliate

Premium Membership is for serious money makers who want to turn things around and achieve a better life and income.

Going Premium will cost you $19USD for your first month and $49USD for subsequent months.

What And How To Work From Home

To tell you the truth, the cost of upgrading to Premium inside Wealthy Affiliate is actually what you will have to pay elsewhere to get access to only web hosting.

Comparatively It Is Cheaper To Upgrade To Premium Inside Wealthy Affiliate”

Does Wealthy Affiliate Allows For People To Make Payment For Annual Subscription

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate allows you to pay for your membership yearly.

You have the option to go for the Annual Membership which gives you a huge discount.

The cost of the Annual Membership is $359USD which means you are paying  $29.92USD to access Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.  

“So You Are Actually Paying $29.92USD Every Month Instead Of Paying $49USD”

What And How To Work From Home

Now, that is a huge discount because you will be saving $229USD.

Now Let’s Take a Look At The Negative and Positive Aspects of Wealthy Affiliate


Let’s Begin With The Negatives




As a free starter member you will have access to a lot of benefits that can actually kickstart your online money making business and even make you some money following 5 courses 50 lessons within the Online Entrepreneur Even Certificate training.

What And How To Work From Home

However, you will need to upgrade to Premium Membership to get the best stuff out there in making real good money online.

For me, I first signed up as a free member and just within a short time I became a Premium Member.

Why Did I Go Premium

I was receiving so much value as a free member and knew very well that I will be receiving more value as a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate.

You are going to get a 59% discount on your first month Premium membership (only $19) when you sign up here.



When I first started out with Wealthy Affiliate just like the way you are about to  sign for a Free Starter Membership account I was able to create my very own domain name

But honestly speaking, I did not like to be associated with my blog url and had to pay an additional $13.99 yearly to get my own preferred domain name which is “”.

So yes, there is an additional charge to get your own preferred domain name, which I suggest getting your own domain is the best thing to do.

Alright, So Those Are The Negatives I Can Point Out About Wealthy Affiliate Even Though I Am Fighting To Get More Negatives About This Program.

What And How To Work From Home

Now To The Brighter Side, The Positive Aspects Of Wealthy Affiliate.




First of all, people would not pay $49USD/monthly or $359USD/yearly and stick around to a program only to be presented with BS or garbage.

Now from the beginning of Wealthy Affiliate which is in 2005, there are still a lot of people who started with the program and are still proud members.

This then goes to tell us that they are getting real value for being part of Wealthy Affiliate and that Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate work of home business opportunity.

Even Kyle, who is a co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate claims Wealthy Affiliate can be described as a teenager because it is in its 13 years and have undergone a lot of changes and has improved.

What And How To Work From Home



I love this free way of creating personal money making website when signing up to Wealthy Affiliate for free.

When you sign up for free and get your own 2 free profit ready websites you able to tell as to whether the claims of this program are true or lies.




Wealthy Affiliate has not claimed any where that you will make thousands of dollars with their system although as a proud Premium Member and going through almost all the training in here I know too well that you will even be making more than thousands of dollars a day with time when trying out Wealthy Affiliate money making system.

What And How To Work From Home

Why I added this as a positive aspect is that, most programs I have reviewed before even the legitimate ones are over hyped and make people feel that they can just make that kind of amount effortlessly whiles the opposite is the case.

What Wealthy Affiliate Stresses on is that you follow their instructional step by step training to set things up, do the hard work you have to do and soon you will see that the money will start coming.



How does it feels like when you are starting out an online training program that you have no clue about and within a short time of following a training process you get stuck and do not know where to turn to.

Wealthy Affiliate makes things simple when following their step by step training.

Believe me, you will not get stuck when going through the training because I went through it successfully.

What And How To Work From Home



I did not know this until I decided to throw out a question to the community one day.

Guess what happened, I had hundreds of responses just within a short period of time.

I thought that was ok, yet I still continued to receive more informed responses to the question I asked days before.

And that is a great way to learn from all the people on this platform who have years of experiences in making money online.




I have been part of Wealthy Affiliate about a year now and I have never been hit with an up-sells.

I have also not heard of any additional up-sells apart from paying for your membership and paying for your own domain (which is optional because you can still create a free website here at no cost).

Therefore, there are no hidden costs or charges within the Wealthy Affiliate program.

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Most programs I have tried out just take you through their training once and leaves you to your faith as to whether you will succeed or not.

That is not the case with Wealthy Affiliate.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate we go through Weekly Live Training.

This training are specially designed to help you as a member to maximize your earning potentials and when you follow the weekly training you will be making more money than you can ever imagine.



Can you imagine what it feels like making $41,350.30 in a single month.

These are some of the success stories happening inside Wealthy Affiliate when you sign up for free here.


Aright, so you want to know how to maximize your earnings trying out Wealthy Affiliate.

Now what I am about sharing with you are tips that I tried and it did work for me.

I am hoping it will work for you to be able to maximize the amount of money you will be making with this legitimate money making system when you sign up to it.

What And How To Work From Home


Take Advantage Of The SiteContent Platform

The SiteCentent platform inside Wealthy Affiliate is super fantastic of a feature that every member of Wealthy Affiliate needs to take advantage of.

It is the ultimate writing platform that helps you to create your content and set writing goals which you can leverage on when writing your content.

The SiteContent platform serves as the following

  1. Duplicate content checker
  2. Automated publishing directly to your website
  3. 100’s of critical grammar and spell checks
  4. Analysis your content structure and etc.

All these are incredible features that will help you to achieve more efficiency, speed and accuracy, when creating a quality and relevant content for your readers.

What And How To Work From Home

To access SiteCeontent platform, head over to the Website Menu and click on it to open up the SiteContent.


Stick To The Step By Step Training

Wealthy Affiliate has come a long way and has over 200 training videos all teaching you news ways to make more  money with the system.

Now chances are that, you might be tempted to try and take everything at the same time when you sign up as a members.

What And How To Work From Home

This is not the best way to learn and be successful in making real cash online.

My advice to you is to follow the step by step training and very soon you start seeing real money making results.

Also, do not forget to check off each task you complete, JUST LIKE I DID.

What And How To Work From Home


Don’t Shy Away From Asking Questions Inside The Members Area

The more you ask, the more to learn and the better you become when it comes to making money online.

Therefore, the best you can do is to ask questions about anything you are not clear with when it comes to making money online and the whole community of over 1,500,000+ plus online entrepreneurs including myself will be more than happy to assist you.


Focus On Writing More Than 1,000 Words With Each Blog Post

Not all of us will have the time go back, add up to, or re-edit our already published articles.

That is why it is very important that you consider writing articles that are more than 1,000 words.

This will in most cases help you to get fast and better rankings from search engines like Google.

What And How To Work From Home


Focus On Writing More Relevant Article

If you are the type of person who really wants to make real good money online then you should be prepared to write more articles while using keywords wisely in the following areas of your blog post

  • In title
  • In your first paragraph
  • Near the end of your post

Do not also over stuff your content with keywords with the intention of getting more blog traffic because search engines like Google are very smart these days and will penalize you for that.

What And How To Work From Home


Work Towards A Set Goal

As a soon to be online income earner, it is very important to write out some goals you will want to achieve.

This goes a long way to help you determine as to whether you are making progress or lacking behind.

It also helps you to determine as to whether to do some adjustment accordingly or not.

 How Do I Get Personal Help From You


  1. Use any of the links inside this guide to sign up for Free Starter Membership to help me keep track.
  2. Upgrade to Premium within two weeks from the day of signing up.
  3. That is it, you are good to go and I will be able to offer you My Personal Help And Support (MPHAS).

What And How To Work From Home


Signing up to Wealthy Affiliate after going through THE ULTIMATE MAKE MONEY ONLINE GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS is like success has been handed directly over to you, yours is to do the work and get real money making results.

You have all the tools you will need to succeed, help and advice are available for you and you get to relate with real people who are getting results in making real money online.

What And How To Work From Home

“Take Action Today By Signing Up To Wealthy Affiliate For 100% Free And Let’s Meet Inside.”

I will be inside Wealthy Affiliate to welcome you.

My username is “pay-me”, so look out for a personal message from me on your profile when you sign up here.


Click here to create a free account NOW and start your first lesson in building your very own money making business to earn you consistent monthly income online for 100% free.

Thank you.