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Email Marketing Rocks And Here Is Why

It simply isn’t enough merely to create good content; it must be promoted.

Email marketing rocks and here is why you need to consider it.

You may publish great content on your blog but that does not necessarily mean you will have people visiting your blog and accessing your content.

That most content that gets published does not get seen and there is certainly no doubt about that.

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Email marketing rocks and here is why you need to take advantage of it.

Bloggers deploy a variety of strategies to get their content out there. One of the content promotion strategies that has proven to yield results are emails.

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A survey of over 1,000 bloggers conducted by Orbit Media reveals that almost half of the bloggers surveyed use email for content promotion.

That a significant number of bloggers choose to promote their content via emails is instructive.

Of course, the study also revealed that a good number of bloggers promote their content via social media among others. Here are a couple of reasons why email is a great way to promote content.

The first challenge with promoting content with email has to do with creating an email list – a good one for that matter.

Speaking of a good email list, it should be one that has email addresses that are both active and receptive. Once that huddle is crossed, you have for yourself a good email list.

The addresses in this list are targeted periodically with content – content you create and intend to promote.

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With a good email list, it becomes easier to share content with your target audience.

Having put together a good email list, you will be faced with yet another challenge; that is, in spite of having a good email list, the open rate for your emails may be less than desirable.

That said, if you get the composition of your emails right (and yes, there are simple, yet effective ways to compose emails that have high open rate), the content you share via emails could travel far and wide, with many views and shares.

This is another way of saying that if sending of emails to subscribers / addresses on your email list are done right (and this doesn’t require too much effort), you will in time drive traffic to your blog and promote your content far and wide.

Do give it a try and  you will have cause to thank me later for the results you get.

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