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Effective Tips To Promote Bluehost

As a Bluehost affiliate, you obviously have gone past the registration process. Now, you are a Bluehost affiliate but wondering how to promote.

Are you looking for a concise guide to promoting Bluehost that you could quickly skim through for ideas on how to promote Bluehost as an affiliate?

You are exact where you need to be; I have condensed into brief actionable tips promotional tactics that will aid you in your promotional drive, since your success as an affiliate is invariably linked to how successful you are at promoting Bluehost.

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Suffice to state that your unique affiliate link is absolutely crucial to the success of your promotional drive, without which you are bound to fail.

This is so because your affiliate link is the only means by which Bluehost can track the sales you generate and consequently pay you the commission (s) due you.

Disclaimer: This article may have affiliate links that earns me a commission at no cost to you if you decide to make a purchase by clicking on the link or button. However, the links are to offer you all the features you need to succeed with a blog. Get to read more in my privacy policy.

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8 Tips For Promoting Bluehost As An Affiliate

Read The Terms And Conditions

Read and acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions of Bluehost so as not to infringe on any of them while seeking to promote Bluehost.

An infringement can result in the cancellation of your affiliation.


Create A Blog

Create a blog or website on Bluehost. This is a boost to credibility.

While pointing others to Bluehost, it is essential you are seen using Bluehost to be considered credible and authoritative.


Be Mindful Of Your Blog

Be mindful of your blog or website niche. Niches such as technology, WordPress, blogging, web hosting review, website design and WordPress themes make Bluehost (and any web host for that matter) review articles a good fit and allows for better audience targeting, which may translate into more purchases.

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Micro Niche Website

Create a micro niche website on Bluehost coupon code and attract targeted traffic as a consequence. However do not use or include Bluehost in your domain name.


Bluehost Review Article

Write an exclusive Bluehost review article or blog post on your blog or website. Make sure you include your unique affiliate link in the review article. Encourage readers to check it out.


Share Via Social Media

Share the link to your Bluehost review article via social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkdIn and Twitter.

Create a post or page to share all Bluehost coupon codes or Bluehost discount at one page.

E.g. right now Bluehost Easter sale 2017 is underway where Bluehost is offering a web hosting plan at $2.50/month only. Such occasions affords you an excellent opportunity to drive more sales and as a consequence generate more affiliate income.


Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

Create some Pay Per Click (PPC) ads using adword ore Facebook ads to promote special Bluehost sales.


Create Banners

Create banners on your website or blog advertising Bluehost. You can choose from a wide assortment of such banners from Bluehost Affiliate Section for free.

As a Bluehost Affiliate, commit to promoting Bluehost and you will be glad you did over the long haul. To your Bluehost Affiliate marketing success!!!

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