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Earn Valuable Gift Cards And Cash Prizes Just For Submitting Receipts (ReceiptPal Review)

Earning valuable gift cards and cash prizes by completing simple tasks online is increasingly becoming trendy.

However, did it ever cross your mind that you or anyone for that matter, could earn good cash by simply scanning receipts and uploading them unto an online platform?

Well, ReceiptPal is one of several legitimate platforms that make this possible and it’s going to help you earn valuable gift cards and cash prizes just for submitting receipts.

How Can I Turn My Receipt Into Cash?

Alright, stick around with me in the section that follows and let’s get into a lot more detail on exactly how this ReceiptPal works in the section that follows:

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What App Gives You Money For Receipts?

ReceiptPal is an app that is employed for market data collection purposes, and serves the additional purpose of rewarding consumers as a means of encouraging them to hold on to their receipts.

Who is The NPD Group?

ReceiptPal is a market research company created in 1966 by The NPD Group, Inc (NPD).

NPD is credited with being one of the top ten market research companies in the world.

It launched ReceiptPal in 2013, originally as an iPhone-only app, subsequently incorporating Android platforms.

This is what the NPD Group is known for

NPD has expertise in the technology and fashion industries among others, and assist businesses with their product development needs by linking them with users across the globe, which constitutes the precise reason and motivation for the creation of ReceiptPal.

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The information elicited from receipts remain private since NPD does not share or even see the personal information of customers.

All receipts, including those from restaurant bills are acceptable at ReceiptPal, and can be uploaded directly as hard copy or digitized by connecting your email address such that purchases made online can be accounted for.

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I must state here clearly that not all receipt of purchase are qualified for a ReceiptPal rewards, there are certain criteria it must meet to earn you a reward when trying out ReceiptPal.

Here, I am going to share with you on the criteria your receipt should meet to earn you a reward

  • Your receipt must include the store name, purchase date, total amount spent and either phone number or zip code of the store (the entire receipt must be in the photo)
  • Your receipt must be in English and in U.S. dollars
  • Receipts where you or a household member were involved in the purchase
  • Your receipt can be from any retailer/store for consumer goods purchases of all types such as convenience stores, travel and entertainment, restaurants, grocery stores, clothing stores, sporting goods stores, electronics stores, gas stations, car dealerships, online retailers, etc.
  • Your receipt must be from retailer/stores located in the United States, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands or Guam
  • Your receipt must be readable by ReceiptPal system, so make sure you take a clear photo
  • Receipts must be submitted within the ReceiptPal receipt submission window



ReceiptPal allows you to earn points as and when you scan a receipt.

Additionally, you will enjoy the privilege of having all your receipts stored on the mobile app.

Keeping track of your spending is thus facilitated at no cost to you. All you need do while on the go will be to take a snapshot of your receipt and upload same into the app.

For every receipt you share, 25 points will be credited to you.

The ReceiptPal mobile app is set up by point cards. As and when you complete a card, 100 points will be credited to you.

The completion of a card requires taking a snapshot of four receipts and uploading them to the mobile app.

Because at the end of it all, passion does not create money: money creates passion.

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With no stress, you can earn in the region of $80 to $100 per period with ReceiptPal.



What App Gives You Money For Receipts?

Payments are usually made via gift cards from great retailers.

What App Gives You Money For Receipts?

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Far much more could have been earned but for restrictions placed on the number of receipts you will be permitted to submit over a specified period.

How To Make Money From Your Old Receipts

Through ReceiptPal’s Weekly Sweepstakes however, you will be offered an opportunity to win a $250 pre-paid debit card.



ReceiptPal referral program runs occasionally, and for a limited time.

Additionally, ReceiptPal runs Weekly Sweepstakes.

This basically offer users an opportunity to win a $250 gift card.

Every validated receipt is considered an entry.

Three winners are drawn weekly, and notified of their wins via email.

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