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Earn $7,500 For Teaching Students

If you have the skills of helping students out with their questions, then you can

Earn $7,500 For Teaching Students


There is this platform that is going to connect you to students for you to help them out by answering questions and get paid for doing that.

This Is How To Earn Up To $7,500 USD Monthly Working From Home Tutoring Students

I have more to share with you on exactly how this single online program can help you generate that kind of income monthly.

Stick around with me today and let’s take a closure look at an online money making platform called Studypool in the section that fools:

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What Is Studypool?

Studypool is an online platform that connects students with questions with tutors who can answer them.

What Is Studypool?

Using Studypool gives you access to thousands of verified tutors to help you with any question at anytime.

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The way Studypool work is very simple and follows a 3 step approach for which I am going to share with you below.


Studypool 3 Step Approach

  • Sign Up
  • Receive Bids
  • Sit Back And Relax


Step 1 – Sign Up

How To Make Money With StudypoolYou will need to first sign up and post your academic question.

Set a time limit and price range.

Choose to make the post anonymous if you do not want your username to be seen.

You have the option to make the question private. If you’re in a time crunch, select “study emergency.”

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Step 2 – Receive Bids

How To Make Money With StudypoolYour next step is to receive bids from verified tutors who want to help you.

You have the option to select a tutor by comparing reviews, statistics, and profiles or have Studypool automatch you based on who our moderators think would provide the best answer.


Step 3 – Sit Back And Relax

How To Make Money With StudypoolYou can now sit back and relax while your tutor provides you with a thorough answer to your question.

Use the messenger feature if you’re looking to have a collaborative experience or need to further explanation on a question.

You only pay if you are satisfied with their services.



How Much Money Can I Make With Studypool?

With Studypool, you stand the chance of earning $7,500 monthly.



In as much as Studypool sounds a great way to make some cash online, there are serious risks associated with it which can lead to your Studypool account being suspended or permanently ban.

The above statement is exactly what can be found at the Tutor Payment Terms section on Studypool official website.

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The above warning by Studypool should tell you that you could get to a point where when you violate a particular term, you will end up losing your Studypool account and your earnings will not be paid to you.

Now when you lose your study pool account then it’s obvious that all your time and energy you have invested into trying to make money with Studypool have all gone waste.



Studypool has full discretion to withhold and cancel payments if any of our terms are violated.

Studypool internally monitor student and tutor behavior by reviewing communications, IP’s of students, and calculating transaction sources. Studypool, may choose to, but is not obligate to, take legal action against a tutor that has committed serious offenses as determined in Studypool’s discretion.

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Without limitation, by way of example, the following actions would be considered a violation of our terms:


  1. Using stolen credit cards to pay for questions.
  2. Excessive charge back requests from your students.
  3. Taking advantage of our promotion / referral programs by collecting promo and paying yourself.
  4. Abusing any form of Studypool’s credit accumulation to pay yourself.


Fake Sessions / Abuse Of The Platform:

  1. If you are acting as the student and the tutor.
  2. If your questions and answers are fake
  3. If your question and answer do not follow the required guidelines.
  4. Plagiarism

* All responses, answers and help for a question must be provided on the question discussion page; and if help is not present on the page, it is assumed that you did not provide help.



  1. Sharing links or personal emails for purposes other than posted questions.
  2. Poaching students off the platform.

* Banned tutors will not get paid remaining balances.

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