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This Will Limit Your Blog Exposure

You may just have started out as a blogger or perhaps you have been blogging for a couple of years now but doing this will limit your blog exposure.

I am here to tell you more on how to avoid certain mistake that will affect your blog , either way, you risk being stuck in your little corner; you risk obscurity.

Now, how many online users know about you and know your blog exists?

In the blogosphere, exposure is crucial for blogging success; the more exposure your blog enjoys, the more traffic is driven to your blog.

One of the most effective routes for maximizing your potential for exposure is what is termed guest blogging; contributing articles to sites that operate in your niche.

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Not only do you gain exposure through guest blogging.

As a matter of fact, you increase your exposure over time, aiding you in building your brand as a blogger.

The reality is that when you stick solely to publishing content on your blog, you are limited to your audience or readership as it were and this will limit your blog exposure.

Whereas if you blog on other sites, you will be exposed to the readership of other blogs.

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For example, assuming you published an article on another blog with 50,000 visitors daily and your article was viewed 12,000 times. Perhaps you might not get more than 12,000 visitors to your blog from the guest post.

What is most certain however is that your name has been exposed to as much as 10,000 more people.

As you continue to contribute articles for this blog and other blogs (especially big blogs – blogs that enjoy huge traffic) you will begin to see more visits to your blog owing to the fact that your name has been seen enough times online making readers of the content of other blog curious about what you have on offer.

In the long term, publishing articles on other sites will give you so much exposure that will drive huge traffic to your blog.

As a blogger, when you gain exposure, invariably your blog gains exposure.

You gain more exposure and your blog gains more exposure, all things being equal. Will you sacrifice this huge potential for increased exposure on the altar of publishing solely on your blog for limited exposure? I bet you wouldn’t.

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As a blogger you are doing yourself a huge disservice if you stubbornly persist in implementing measures that, to say the least limits your exposure.

This is not what you want to see happen especially with several thousands of bloggers and weblogs, and the influx of new contents daily, all jostling for attention.

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