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Rise Above Frustration And Make Money

Making money online sounds a great deal yet there are a lot of frustrations that may cross your path especially when you do not know where to turn to.

Now are PTC sites really worth your time?

We will be taking closer look at the inside picture of this business model right below.

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What is becoming more and more apparent is that several thousands who have tried their hands on a couple of these so-called online money making opportunities have met with lots of disappointments and frustrations.

Their experience has taught them that for the most part, money making ventures online is either fraud or simply hype.

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Consequently, many who have tried without success to make money online and in some cases lost money as a result have consigned themselves to the belief that it is impossible to make money online and that all who make huge sums of money from the World Wide Web are simply doing so illegitimately.

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With such a belief, they look at all videos and articles that purport to teach about making money online with a great deal of suspicion.

There is yet another group of people who are risk takers and adventurous. They weigh the pros and cons though, before taking a leap.

Many online money making opportunities require some kind of financial investment.

However, a couple of others are free to sign up and to start earning. In both instances, there are both the authentic and the phony.

This piece will focus on one of the viable money making opportunities available on the World Wide Web. I will share with you relevant information that will assist you make money online through what is commonly referred to as PTC sites.



PLC is an abbreviation of the term Pay to Click.

Wikipedia defines Paid to click (PTC) as “an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home.”

PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers; the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement.

To put it more simply, PTC websites basically refers to sites that are free to join and that allow users (members) primarily to earn money simply by clicking and viewing adverts placed on such sites.

These sites generally offer users a wide variety of earning opportunities such as earnings through referrals, viewing videos, answering surveys, performing certain specified tasks and so on.

PTC sites are no doubt one of the legitimate ways of making money online.

It is also gratifying to note that, no initial financial investments are required and that one can choose to sign up to multiple PTC sites (as many sites as possible), earning from all these sites; the more legitimate PTC sites one joins and actively participate in (as in clicking ads among other tasks), the more one earns.

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A sound of caution! Not all PTC sites are legitimate; many of such sites are scams.

What this means essentially is that you may invest your time, energies, and some cases money with the intent of making more money.

And yes! Your records may indicate huge earnings but when it comes to making withdrawals into your PayPal account for instance, the site begins to introduce new layers of tasks to be completed as a prerequisite for making withdrawals of the money you have thus far earned.

I have read about people putting in the time and effort, and earning so much who were never able to access the money they earned.

Their efforts were practically a waste of time. They were actually dealing with PTC sites that were essentially scams and not legitimate.

I have personally fallen victim to one of such PTC sites, brainbux to be precise. I had chanced upon this online money making opportunity and was so excited about it that I did not bother to do a bit of research regarding the legitimate and the phony.

Fortunately for me, I was into this for barely two weeks and had earned a little over $10 (with no financial commitments made on my part) when I decided to cash out.

Since I had exceeded the minimum threshold for making withdrawals, I decided to place a request for withdrawals only to be told I needed to make some more clicks (a specified number of clicks, in spite of the fact that I had exceeded the minimum threshold required for cash out) before I would be permitted to make a withdrawal.

Well, I made more clicks and actually exceeded the clicks they requested for. I again placed a request for withdrawal only to be told I needed to have a certain number of referrals.

In reality this was contrary to the notice placed on the sites home page; no such requirements were enumerated.

This raised suspicion and so I decided to do a Google search on this PTC site. It was then I discovered that several others had fallen victims to this scammer.

Many had lost far more money than I had lost. I also read reviews that were explicit in their expose of that particular site as a scam.

What is the point in moving towards this tangent? Well, this is to drum home the fact that in as much as there are legitimate PTC sites, there are also the scams. This brings to the fore the need to research on PTC sites before ever signing up.

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Firstly, you need to settle the issue of whether or not a particular PTC site is genuine.

A Google search can be helpful in this regard as earlier noted.

There are substantial expert reviews on these sites readily available online; they are simply a Google search away.

I have also taken some time to check out some of these sites; I will do well to provide a list of some of these legitimate sites but you need not take my word for it though.

Clicksense and Neobux are arguably two of the most credible PTC sites.

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The list of legitimate PTC sites also include Buxp, Ayuwage, EasyHits4u, InnoCurrent, Gptplanet, InboxDollars, Jillsclickcorner, Scarletclicks, Donkeymails and several others Many users have earned significant amounts of money through these sites and have successfully cash out their earnings.

Earning through PTC sites require relatively less time and little effort.

You will need to have a computer with internet connectivity and you will be required to sign into the system online for free. Your main task will be to make some time daily to click ads. These ads are provided in your account on the site.

Every click and viewing of an advert credits you with some funds, howbeit little (Various sites specify the amount they credit to your account per verified click). The more ads you click, the more funds get credited to your account and the good news is that, you can actually track your earnings.

It is also worth-noting that each user (member) of a given PTC site is given an allotment of ads to click on a daily basis. As such, you can actually earn some money daily as long as you log into your account and click the available ads. Only a few minutes will be needed to complete each day`s clicks.

There are other ways of earning money on many PTC sites; these are made readily available and accessible once you log into your account. Such earning opportunities as earlier noted include referrals (both direct and rented referrals, affiliates, completing simple tasks and surveys and many more).

The more of these you do, the more you will earn.

The question of how one may access his or her earnings is worth taking a bite. I touched on this subject earlier in this piece but some more light needs to be shared.

Every PTC site has set a minimum payout threshold value; this could be as low as any amount to as high as $6 or more. Once your account balance reaches the minimum payout threshold value it will be paid to your PayPal or Payza account which is found in your profile.

Payments in some PTC sites are automatic whereas with other PTC sites you will need to make cash out request. Every site spells out duration required for processing payment requests.

Your geographical location is inconsequential as far as accessing your earnings; your earned money will be credited into your PayPal or Payza account as earlier noted.

From there you can transfer the money to your local bank account in your local currency.

You can actually start earning some cash today. Do not let this viable opportunity slide. Check out some of the sites I have listed in this write-up, do a bit of Google searches and get right on to work by signing up to these PTC sites.

You will in most cases than not only need to provide your username and email address to get your free account.

There are opportunities to upgrade your membership if you so desire and several other opportunities that could make a world of difference in how much you earn.

With time you will get abreast with the nuances and strategies involved, and hopefully increase your earnings by a wide margin.

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