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Hello my friends, nice to see you here and thanks for stopping by to check out on all there is to Affinity Business Network and perhaps find out the how to making money online home.

It is my greatest hope that at the end of reading this review you will be able to get a better understanding as to making money online for free to avoid the rat race of this life.

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In my Affinity Business Network review, I will be helping you find answers to the following questions:

  1. Who is the founder of Affinity Business Network money making system
  2. How does Affinity Business Network works
  3. Is Affinity Business Network worth it
  4. Is Affinity Business Network a scam system or a legitimate opportunity for making money online
  5. How to make money with Affinity Business Network
  6. Will Affinity Business Network help you to achieve a better life or income
  7. Cost of joining Affinity Business Network online business opportunity program


Affinity Business Network as the name goes is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) program founded Fred Andalaft, although he does not advertise himself on the companies’ official website.

Any reason for not making himself known on their official website?

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Hmm, I don’t know for now and cannot tell, but I believe someway somehow we will get to the bottom of this.

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Affinity Business Network – Overview

What is Affinity Business Network?

After checking out on their website I realize it’s basically a Multi Level Marketing scheme that offers insurance such as Medical and Health Products whiles claiming to be the Fastest Growing Health Insurance Company.

Basically, what you will be required to do to make money with this system is to recruit buyers into their Premium Plans to enable you to get compensation.

Take note that on their website there are no official information’s on the cost of their Health Insurance yet they claim it is very affordable.

Therefore what are their bases for that claim?

Don’t get me wrong I am just trying my best to be objective so that I can serve you with a fair and just review.

This program upon a closer look is a legitimate business opportunity which is just closely related to these legit programs I have reviewed which are Four Percent Group and Jamberry.

As I did mentioned earlier there are no formal information’s on the founder of this program, even though Fred Andalaft claims to be the founder his claims are not official.

Myself, I am a firm believer of managing the little time at my disposal to get the best out of it and will not buy into this program because by the time you are able to make a single dollar with this MLM recruit program you would have wasted away a lot of your precious time which I will not be happy to see that happening to you.

Because at the end of it all, passion does not create money: money creates passion.

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I recently exposed some scam programs which were to waste away the hard earned monies of their victims and taught you might be interested in having a look at them, they are Ensis and Leniex.

Cost of joining Affinity Business Network is $21.50USD which comes to R295ZAR.



Although this program looks legit from my point of view, people should be careful when joining it and should not loosely give too much money into it since the founder of the program has refused to officially make himself known on his or her so called money making website.

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