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They Will Click The Emails You Send

Sure you want to compose an email and looking for the right way to do that, let me share some tactics with you that when you apply them in sending emails to your subscribers they will click the emails you send.

Why send a target email if no one will open it, let alone read it?

According to Campaign Monitor, a 20 – 40% open rate for email is typical, depending upon who your audience is.

Higher open rates are associated with religious or sports content; these usually have dedicated followers, while e-commerce and marketing tend to hover around 20%.

There are simple ways to compose target emails that will guarantee high open rates. Check these out.

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It`s critical that in composing your email, you treat subject lines like headlines.

Avoid subject lines that connote trickery and yelling.

Where possible, use numbers in your headlines.

Use words that arouse curiosity and get the emotions of recipients involved. It is appropriate that your subject line contains around 50 characters, with important words beginning.

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Insert your name in the “from” portion of your email rather than use a company name or brand name.

That gives a personal touch and a human face to your email.

However, there are always exceptions to the rule. In some cases, especially with big brands with several teams for instance, using a brand name becomes more appropriate.

For both instances, consistency is advised.

Because at the end of it all, passion does not create money: money creates passion.

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To ensure that your emails are considered authentic by email providers such as Gmail and not a spam or scam, it is critical you use email authentication.

Email authentication proves your emails are authentic, ensuring that they get into the inboxes of your target recipients rather than land in their spams.

It is prudent to check with your newsletter provider to ascertain whether or not they have email authentication available.



It is imperative that you ensure that your email client conducts a periodic clean out of your email list.

You do so to ensure that email addresses that are no longer valid are removed from your email list.

This means that you will be left with only active and receptive emails and thus affords you the opportunity to accurately assess the open rate of your email.

In most cases than not, your email open rates will improve significantly.

Deploy these measures in composing target emails to your recipients and you will in time notice a significant increase in the open rate of your emails.

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