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Go Social, Make More Money Online

Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ have contributed significantly to how content promotion is done.

Infact, bloggers now have the opportunity to make good money via social media and its an awesome feeling I want to share with  you today.

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That social media platforms present a huge audience is not in doubt. Facebook alone has a global audience of as much as 1.49 billion members worldwide.

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With so many people actively using social media, you can safely conclude that your audience is out there.



Social media platforms are great for content promotion. Social media is arguably the most effective platform for content promotion.

You cannot afford to let go of this route to content promotion and since content promotion contributes significantly to blogging success, you ignore social media at your peril.

You may put in the time and energy to create quality content on your blog but never seem to get enough eye balls to your work of creation.

Because at the end of it all, passion does not create money: money creates passion.

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That is where social media comes to the rescue, perhaps in a better fashion than many other content promotion alternatives.

Social media allows you to share your content with your connections and a broader audience. Once you have produced great content, you share the content to social media platforms.

You then go right on to promote the content you have shared. You can opt to promote your content via what is termed, social media advertising.

This is not a free service, especially when you want to reach a wider audience and yet the charge for assessing this service is relatively low.

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Social media affords you the opportunity as a blogger to engage with your audience. Once you have shared your content and promoted it, you would in most cases than not, see some engagement on your social post.

You obviously want people to read your article and have something to say about it. When people comment on your article, it is prudent that you comment back to them.

Thus engagement is fostered and a relationship is built that will inure to your benefit.

You simply cannot do away with social media as a blogger.

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