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A Good Way To Add Value To Your Blog

Does your blog have value and are your readers really glued to your post or articles?

Now for those of you looking for a better way to increase your blog revenue, I have got you covered here in today’s article.

When readers see vibrant discussions on your blog, they attribute more value to your blog since it is evidently being read and being responded to.

This increases your online authority as well as your influence. Discussions on a blog is not automatic and may sometimes have nothing to do with the quality of your blog post.

There are certain techniques that when appropriately deployed will encourage discussions on your blog.

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Let readers who comment on your blog post feel important and valued.

They must get the impression that their comments have been noticed and read. One of the ways you can achieve this is by responding promptly to their comments.

This has a way of encouraging readers to engage in discussions that may ensue as a result of your other blog posts.

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One of the ways you generate discussions on your blog is by ending your blog post with a question to readers.

Questions ideally must be general in nature and yet have a bearing on the content of your blog post.

It is usually the case that if a reader has taken the pains and time to read much or all of your content, he or she is more likely to respond to a question posed.



Asking readers to contribute to your blog post is usually more effective with blog posts that include a list of points.

The trick is to end your list of points abruptly or deliberately leave out some points that you could have enumerated.

You then ask readers to help you complete the blog post.

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Providing some kind of reward to readers who make insightful and high value contributions on your blog will encourage them to comment on your other blog posts.

Readers may be rewarded with recognition and attentions. This may be aided b getting plugins for your comments session where you and others can “Like” a comment.

You may also share comments you find helpful on your social media pages, acknowledging commentators.

Increasing traffic to your blog, commenting on blog posts in the blog community and removing barriers to commenting on your blog are other viable ways of encouraging discussions on your blog post.

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