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5 Tips To Keep Your Email Subscribers

Email marketing is a great way to make extra cash by the side, however that is far from being enough.

Work is certainly not complete unless you are able to maintain your email subscribers.

It is great to have an email list of subscribers and that obviously is a significant accomplishment.

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As a blogger who intends to maximize the benefits that accrue to having an email list, it will serve you much better if you prioritize maintaining a healthy relationship with your email list subscribers.

How do you maintain a relationship of such great value?

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Check out 5 Tips To Maintain Your Email Subscribers


Akin to meeting a person for the first time, it is appropriate that one of the initial emails you send to your subscribers should contain an introduction of yourself and the kinds of problems you seek to address through the content you create on your blog.

Let them know the value you seek to provide to them.



You certainly do not want to target your email list subscribers with content that does not resonate with them and does not speak to issues that interest them.

Consequently, you should be interested in knowing what your subscribers need.

How best can you know this other than finding out from them?

You can simply ask them via email. You may send them a survey or conduct a poll.

Once their needs and interests have been discovered, you simply tailor the content of your emails to address those needs and interests. You have them hooked.

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Maintaining contact and keeping conversational lines active is crucial for the sustenance of relationships.

Send subscribers on your email list regular high value content; content that is well targeted to meet their concerns and address significant issues of interest to them as they pertain to your niche.

Do well not to bombard your subscribers with frequent emails as this may sound spammy; less many unsubscribe from your list.

Minimize promotional emails as against informational and educative emails.



Occasionally, surprise your email list subscribers with great give a ways; email to them for free quality resources such as relevant educative and inspiring videos, audios and e-books that are otherwise for sale.

Let them know they are appreciated and valued.



How do you know you are doing well except to obtain feedback from those you seek to serve.

Periodically request for feedback from your subscribers as regards the effectiveness or otherwise of the content of the emails you send them.

Get feedback on what needs to be maintained, what needs to be improved upon and what needs to be discarded all together.

These should be adopted and adapted to better serve your constituents.

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